Noobs are Invading!

A really short post today as Ephe, Lanai, Vent and I were really busy trying to finish up the decoration on the hunt sim. Yes, there will be a hunt and the D-Hunt will start a week from now on the 11/3 and last thru a week till the 11/9, and it will be awesome because there will be great stuffs from designers to grab. All of these, will be happening in a Noobtown which will only be open on 11/3.

Oh no..Noobheads are invading...(pic taken @ Noobtown)

Back to the dollarbie of the day, Vent came across this store and asked me to get these, and they are nice stuffs~!

freebies of the day
From Left to Right: (Everything are in a 1L box)
Top: *~JABS~* Red Tube
*~JABS~* Jeans

*~JABS~* Wool Knit Tank
*~JABS~* Black Pants with stripes

Stay tuned for D Hunt and have a great week ahead~!


Hiya hun,

first of all thank you for always keeping us updated on your blog.

I wanted to get in touch with you cause of the hunt. You will give away freebs from various designers.
Well, then hun I would also like to offer you a box from my designs.

Just contact me via IM or leave me a comment on blogspot :-)

C my blog here:


28/10/08 8:46 AM  

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