Happy Late Halloween

I didn't post last night because I decided to give all of us a break since we know we should party hard and forget about hunting and shopping for freebies for 1 day. Back to business today, there are two skins from Beauty Avatar and Free Speerit, which I think are keepers (even though halloween is over) up for grabs:

Poses: FS Skin / Halloween Special -Why So Serious? poses (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)

From Left to Right:
Skin: *Beauty Avatar* Halloween skin Gift 2v (1L)
Skin: FS Skin / Halloween Special -Why So Serious? (Join Free Speerit Group and check notices)

I went to DP YUM YUM the other day to get the half price peacoat, but couldn't figure out how and I met Minami Susanowa, apparently she's the owner of Project Kiwi. Her store is not a very big one, but they are good, and the tops shown below are free in her store:

Project Kiwi
From Left to Right:
Top: Project Kiwi - Duckie Shirt (0L)
Top: Project Kiwi - Kiwi Shirt

Although the sale is over, I still have to show you how cute the DP A line coat is, and it's an essential for the inventory (Minami, thanks for your 50% card):

DP Yum Yum

Check back later, more coming up~!


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