A little update

Updates for the day, you might be interested:

Skin: Insolence: Anne-nature (0L)
From left to right:
Lingerie:Insolence: Salome Cream Sheer Basque (0L)
Jaclet: Emery@Costa Rica: Jacket Kisser Red (0L)
Bottom:..::A.Y.Y::.. Happy Halloween Leggings (1L)

Gown:Soraya: Golden Sand Dress (0L for 6 days)

That's it for today!~ Btw, I am not very willing to start a group and take up one of your precious group space, how does a SLonDlist subscribo sounds to you? Please do leave comments and tell me what you think!


Sounds like a wicked idea. I would definitely hit it up. =)

21/10/08 1:18 AM  

That works for me. I would subscribe!

21/10/08 9:23 AM  

I'd definitely subscribe! :)

21/10/08 10:02 AM  

that would be sweet as!
i'd also subscribe :D

(do itttt!)

21/10/08 10:48 AM  

I'd join.

22/10/08 1:15 AM  

yes indeedie...your blog is one of my SL must-reads, so it just goes to reason your subsgroup would be too :)

22/10/08 1:43 AM  

Subscriber?? DO IT!!! PLEASEEEEEEEE????
Lol.. that would rock!

22/10/08 4:00 AM  

/me adds her DO IT DO IT DO IT DOIT! vote

22/10/08 5:48 AM  


22/10/08 10:25 AM  

I would love that!! I definitely vote for a subscribo :) Would you be able to use it to share hunt notecards as well as other goodies, or would it be just to tell us when you've updated the blog?

22/10/08 11:09 AM  

It would be a subscribo that only gives out hunts cheat lists. ;))

22/10/08 11:22 AM  

I'm in!

can you tell us what hair you're using in this post pls? Thx

22/10/08 2:00 PM  

I´m so joining the group!

23/10/08 12:33 PM  

Wooooooot, I am so there!! :) You've got lots of enthusiastic readers who would love that, I'm sure!!

23/10/08 2:48 PM  

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