Pay What You Want @ Ghost!

Sorry, have been busy with something big! But I have to post this and get them if you still haven't gotten it.

Triangle Caudron of Ghost! has always been one of my favourite designers for one of a kind dresses. I have most of these before it is even on the paywhatever you want sale. These dresses costs a lot, so even paying 50L is worth it! Here are some of the goodies, MUST GRAB, before they are gone!!

Dresses:Ghost!: Antique Combo

From Left to Right:
Dresses:Ghost!: Lag Tri
Dress:Ghost!: Reverse

From Left to Right:
Outfit:Ghost!:White Blood
Dress:Ghost!:Zero Shadow

p/s There are so many hunts going on right now and I really don't know which one to start from. I think I probably have most of the notecards though, thanks to everyone, so if you need a notecard for any hunt that is on now, IM me or Vent, because we might have them. *winks*

Have a great night people~


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