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I got to know Roberta Beauchamp of Love Love Love from my brother Bixers, and recently she sent us bloggers review copies of her latest work and I have to admit I love them. Although what shown below are not freebies, but absolutely worth your trip over to her store and see what she offers. The dresses are detailedly done, the suspender dress has prim buttons and ribbons, textures are good and the colors are just great. You should also check out her range of skins at Wax Poetic because they are really cute too~!

love love love
From Left to Right:
Wax Poetic - Truffle//Sugar Plum (300L)
Dress: - Bethy Dress Pants- Cream/Mocha (249L)

Skin: Wax Poetic - Praline//licorice -freckles (300L)
Dress: - Denim Jumper (195L)

Top: - Abigail Cropped Jacket in Teal Jacket(55L)

Top: - Zebra Cami (35L)
Skirt: - Lily Cocktail Skirt - Mustard (149L)

Get some LOVE today~!


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