Vain Hunt

OMG! BIGGEST HUNT EVER!! This time you are looking for easy tobefound ghosts, and they are not as hard, trust me. These are some of the things that you have to get from the hunt:

Vain Hunt
A MUST GET (the awesomest bed, EVAH in SL for free!):
Bed: Ghost 14 - Instinct - Intimate Bed No.05

Vain Hunt
Shoes: Ghost 25: !Rebel Hope Designs - Skullique Pumps Purple
Shoes: Ghost 33: .::TNY::.Carina LEMON Pumps

Vain Hunt
From Left to Right:
Hair: Ghost 106: >Truth< href="">Ghost 12: MMS-MoscowLight-Gift skin
Outfit: Ghost 103: *katat0nik* (black) Ruffle Witch

Hair: Ghost 21: MIASNOW Hair - WILD WOMAN 2 black.colors
Skirt&Skin: Ghost 11: Amplify

Hair:Ghost 63: +IROLLIC+ Hello Halloween Pumpkin hair :D
Outfit: Ghost 22: *Fluky* Witch with class

Vain Hunt
From Left to Right:
Tops: Ghost 11: amplify * dirty chux t [white] : unisex
Tops: Ghost 13: Vette's Boutique: scary monster (orange)
Tops: Ghost 33: .::TNY:: turtle tee

There are more such as Ibizzare, Cupcakes, LAP, Vain Poses and the list goes on. But grab the bed at Instinct regardless what, it's awesome !~ And also, since this is quite an easy hunt, me and Vent are not giving away notecards (we didn't finish doing it too) . So have fun with it! Good night!


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