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UPDATE: The Albero Hunt Post has been taken down because the owner of the sim is unhappy and requested the coords to be removed. So if you need help, you know the drill.

If you are looking for fun clothings or Avs, TP over to X'ed Designs because they have a couple of fun stuff for free which you can get there, such as the cardboard box and the Jack Skellington Avatar:

From Left to Right:
X'ed Designs: Pwn-Age Shirt (0L)
X'ed Designs: RisingSun Pants With Belt (0L)

X'ed Designs: Black And White Striped Shirt (0L)

Box: X'ed Designs: Cardboard Box (0L)

Avatar: X'ed Designs: Jack Skellington Avatar (0L)

P/s: IM me or Ding to get the NCs for MudHoney Hunt and TeaLane Hunt (thanks to the usual folks who provided them)


Maybe is a good idea if you have a group.. only for lucky chairs, and pass information..

Kiss !!!!

20/10/08 5:52 PM  

I don't want to take up people's precious group space..was thinking of a subscribo instead.


21/10/08 8:24 AM  

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