I have a little announcement to make regarding the SLonDlist Hunt, a couple of designers are very busy and couldn't make it for tommorow (11/3), so we were thinking of postponing the hunt to 11/5 Wednesday, so mark that down on your calender, we shall start the party on 11/5!

Alta Moda has seven freebie boxes which are located in some noob sculpties' hands to be grab, very easy to find, and will be ending in two days, so get it while they are still around. Thanks to Lanai's info, there are seven dollarbies poses at Imperial Elegance

Alta Moda
Pose: Imperial Elegance: Friends_Pose (1L)
On Lanai:
Top: Alta Moda: Sugar High
On Vent:
Top: Alta Moda: Burning

Alta Moda
Pose: Imperial Elegance: IE_Wall_Pose (1L)
On Ding:
Hair: ETD: Charley - Blonde (30L)
Outfit:Alta Moda: Mentalist
Shoes: ETD: Hampton Wedges -Ruby (30L)
On Vent:
Top: Alta Moda: Gun Undies

Ding asked me to post this since she's feeling lazy today, there's a very pretty 1L dress to grab in front of the door of Gigi Couture.

gigi couture
Dress: Gigi Couture: Sequin Brite Blue (1L)
Pose: Alta Moda: Kawaii 4 (0L)

Last but not least, thanks to Leila for informing us on the new bed in the ghost that hides in Instinct. It's a very nice canopy bed, and best, it's transferable, get a couple of copies and share them to your friends! Hurry, I believe the ghost will poof soon. (UPDATE: The ghost is gone.)

Instinct bed
Bed: Instinct - Intimate Bed No.01

Have a great day~!


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