Lucky Chairs!

I hope you guy had fun in the hunt~!

This will be a short post on three lucky chairs:

has three new items (pretty dresses) on the lucky chair, changes alphabets and items every 10 minutes:

S&S Lucky Chair
From Left to Right (all from lucky chair):
Dress: [
S&S] Lucky Dress 01*
Dress: [
S&S] Lucky Dress 03*
Dress: [
S&S] Lucky Dress 02*

Then there is this lucky chair at Katatonik that changes alphabet every 20 mins that gives away this exquisite poofy dress. Last but not least the Endeavor lucky chair that changes items and alphabets every 10 minutes

Katatonik and Endeavor
From left to right (all from lucky chair):
Katatonik: Buckley V.2 Dress Lucky Chair (teal)
[ENDEAVOR] :Oriental Bustier A
[ENDEAVOR] : Leggings leopard teal

Very tired.. have to go now. Good night!


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