A little while more to go and the hunt is officially open. YAY! Check the right hand upper corner of the blog for a TP to the landing point of Blockheadsville at 12pm SLT. And a friendly reminder to those bloggers who will be posting about this hunt, I know you can't wait to do it but please do not post the ENTIRE LIST of coords (partial list is acceptable) on the first two days of the hunt as it's a fairly easy 5 day hunt, no hurry to spoil the hunt lover's fun uh?

I decided to walk you through the town a bit before you are there so you will be more or less familiar with the environment that you will be in. Please reduce the scripts and prim usage (like what you did in hair fair) before TPing into the town to reduce lag and make this hunt a better experience for everyone. Blockheadsville is specially designed and decorated for this hunt and will be taken down once the hunt is over.

Since it's called Blockheadsville, expect to see lots of blockheads around the town. Around 30 noobs filled with goodies from various designers are hidden among the regular ones all over the place, it might be in a nearby isle, or in the waters, as long as the place is accessible, chances are that the noobs might be there. The starting point of the hunt will be in the Noobtown subway station.

Noobtown Subway Station

Opposite of the subway station is the Fabulous Noobtown Gentlemen's club, where you can have some kinky fun while searching for the noobs.

Noobtown XXX Club

Beside the club is the town's game arcade, where noobs go when they are bored. Photo Booths are installed in the arcade, so you can take pictures with people that you meet there and you can also show everyone your picture by putting them to the noteboard in the middle of the arcade room. Before you leave the arcade, don't forget to click the yellow stripey raffle ball to be entered to the lucky draw. 5 prizes to be given away includes four 1000L Muism gift certificates and one 500L chambre du chocolat gift certificate. Winner will be announce on this blog on 11/10. Remember to click it and check back to see if you win!

Noobtown Game Arcade

The Majestic Theatre and the Bodega deli are two of the noobs favourite hang out places too, located right beside the arcade.

Me and the noob on the top of Majestic Theatre

Last but not least, the Slum Manor Apartments, located opposite to the supermarket along the Blockhead Blvd, the place where the richer noobs who could afford to pay rent stays. I am considering to get myself a room there too.

Me @ Blockhead Blvd

And that's me and the whole of Blockhead Blvd. It's not a huge place and I hope you will Take some time off from the hunt and try touching everything that you can see because a lot of them are scripted to animate you or give you things. You have 5 days for the hunt, and the hunt items will be there throughout this period, so take your time and have fun!

Me loves Blockheadsville

Happy Hunting, people! =D


The whole build shows a great sense of humor and the hunt is huge fun. Thanks very much to both of you.

5/11/08 7:00 PM  

Great Hunt! So entertaining. I found myself laughing and even exclaiming.. "Oh My God!" (I still can't believe I walked in on that noob on the toilet.. ;) Grossness! hahaha

5/11/08 10:28 PM  

Awesome Hunt!! I had a great time yesterday...


6/11/08 10:26 AM  

This is the BEST THING EVER. EVEREVEREVEREVER. I wish it never had to go away ;_;

6/11/08 11:11 AM  

T tped to the hunt and got spammed with 50+ notecards about the hunt! WTH?!

6/11/08 12:22 PM  

This hunt was so much fun! I just want to go back and play on the sim now lol.

6/11/08 1:24 PM  

A really great hunt! Wonderful prizes. and a lot of handsome (and dumb) noobs. Yo made me feel like a young newbie again...

6/11/08 2:35 PM  

After Halloween, I firmly intended to not take part in another hunt again for at least three months...
Well, I'm glad I caved in so quickly, as this war great fun, and I enjoyed the build immensely. Thank you very much. :)

7/11/08 2:46 AM  

You guys are SO DAMN AWESOME! I love you.

7/11/08 4:01 AM  

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