I travelled to the Far east on this boat to meet a friend.

Ancient Chinese_01

To fit into the tradition, I decided to dress up as a Chinese man.

Ancient Chinese_02
Outfit (hair included): Ancient Chinese scholars (1L for a week only)

There I met Suri, the princess of the far east, who welcomed me heartily.

Ancient Chinese_04
On Suri:
Outfit: princess yang of tang dynasty (1L for a week only)

She also walked me through the extremely extravagant imperial palace that she stays in.

Ancient Chinese_05

Last but not least, she offered to entertain me with a traditional dance, and I thought it would be rude to let her dance alone, so I tagged in.

Ancient Chinese_03
On Vent:
Outfit:Ancient Chinese scholars (1L for a week only)

On Suri:
Outfit: princess out wear of tang dynasty of chinese (1L for a week only)

I had a great time at the Far east. Go there today to find Princess Suri, and ask for a trip, she would gladly bring you around :D


Beautiful photos you two!!!

Thanks for the gorgeous location info, AND the heads-up on those insane outfits!

9/11/08 9:19 AM  

THANK YOU THANK YOU!! I have been looking for chinese outfit for a long time, now i finally found a place that sells good ones!!

10/11/08 7:04 PM  

Both of you are very welcome. Thank you Suri for telling me this place. =D

13/11/08 12:44 AM  

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