I know I haven't been posting since forever, well, I was lazy to post repetitive stuff that all blogs have already posted, so my plan is to feature an unknown but great designer, Louis Henderson of Le Choix, whom I modelled for recently. Since he's now in the market research stage, Louis has only put up two models of necklaces, here, for sale.

Atlus S
Necklace: Le Choix: Atlus in silver (unisex, also comes in vintage color)

Le Choix Geo black
Necklace: Le Choix: Geo in black (ladies, also comes in silver and vintage color)

You can get the silver version of Geo from the hunt for free, till tommorow only~!

Le Choix Silver
Necklace: Le Choix: Geo in silver (hunt gift @ Blockheadsville, till tommorow only)

Speaking of which , I haven't got over the town that we built, and I love it so much that I want to move in and stay there permanently. A friendly reminder, the hunt will be ending tommorow, so grab whatever you haven't and touch the raffle ball if you forgot to do it last time, and take pictures of you and the town to capture the good memories BECAUSE IT WILL BE GONE AFTER THE HUNT.

Here are some pictures of me in Blockheadsville:

Bodega Store@Blockheadsville
Grocery @ Bodega Deli

Watching Casablanca @ Majestic Theatre

Flirts with a noob@ Noobtown Diner

subway station @ blockheadsville
Chilling with Vent @ Noobtown Subway Station

sexclub@ Blockheadsville
Posing with Lanai @ Fabulous Sexclub

I hope you people had great fun (regardless the lack) and stop by tommorow if you want to have your last visit to Blockheadsville.


Noobtown was GREAT! Too bad it has to go


9/11/08 12:48 PM  

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