...the subscribo machine for slondlist! This group will be open till 7pm SLT today and will reopen again tommorow at 6am SLT. There will only be a limit of members to the group because I will need to pay if the group have over 500 members.

Dress: ::Dollette:: rucker dress-blue (Join Fashion Consolidate group and check notices on 12/24)

There will be no freebie given out in this group, nor updates on daily freebies, the only thing that will be send out from the subscribo are notecards of you know what. So if you hate to get any notecards of any kind, please don't join this group.

To join the group, tp here and click on the subscribo machine beside the entrance, there are also two dollarbie poses in store which you can grab too. Have fun and hurry!!


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