You have to visit Zanzo sometime for a couple of reasons, first, things are reasonably priced there, second, there is a group gift in the subscribo group and third,there are two lucky chairs there that changes alphabets and gifts (6 different gifts on each chair. 12 gifts altogether, which includes things for both boys and girls) every 5 minutes. Here are some of the things that you can get from the lucky chair:

Zanzo_1 (Tak and Vent)
on Takeshi:
skin: *Zanzo*: Fomorian -Noon ~ Banba (lucky chair)
briefs: *Zanzo*: Summer Days skinny briefs (Subscribo gift)
on Vent:
outfit: *Zanzo*: Union 82 Palm Beach (lucky chair)

skin(upclose): *Zanzo*: Fomorian -Noon ~ Banba (lucky chair)

What are you still waiting for? Drop by Zanzo now!

P/s: Thanks to Aristoteles for informing me and Theodore for dropping me the items. :D


Hubba hubba

Tell Takeshi I still feel like an asshat lol. =/

27/12/08 2:49 PM  

Dont be silly Prudence lol, I have totally forgotten about it until you mention about it now hahahahaah

27/12/08 7:24 PM  

Awh shit =/ lol Oh well. *goes red*

27/12/08 10:24 PM  

LOL you two!! -__-

31/12/08 8:27 PM  

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