You are probably still trying to organize your inventory from all the advent gifts from christmas and stuff from all those christmas hunts, so I am not going to mess up your inventory further today. There's only three things that you might want to get:

From Left to Right:
Hair: .Marlys. c'est si bon HAIR toast (Join I love Starlust group and check notices)
Skirt: "anuenue. Subfusc skirt (0L, Join "anuenue. Update Group and get it here)
Dress: Uncle Wiggily 48 / lavender patchwork dress (0L)

Have a great night!!


Haha Ding! I knew you would break down and post this skirt from anuenue. Its just too cute not to. Thanks again to you and Vent for this awesome blog. Keep up the good work :)

27/12/08 9:18 AM  

lol, tuesday. Thanks~!

27/12/08 4:32 PM  

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