Lelutka, the new MMS

MMS is changing their name into LeLutka, effective Jan 2009. If you previously didn't join Minnu group, this is a good time for you to join their new group, free of charge, LeLutka for future gifts and notices, and the group will be closed after all members have transferred over to the new, so hurry! (If you can't find LeLutka in the group, just check on Aradia Dielli - look for the group name LeLutka and join.)

And to welcome a new name, there are some goodies in the LeLutka Group Notices for both men and women.

On Vent:
Outfit: [LeLutka]- MR Smith outfit
On Ding:
Gown:[LeLutka]-LUCILE dress

Dress: [LeLutka]-CHRISTINA dress

Gown: [LeLutka]-PARKER dress

Join the group now for free and get the goodies!!


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