Melody Skins by Beauty Avatar

A sneak preview of the new Melody skins by Beauty Avatar, which will be launched later at 5pm SLT. Thanks aida Ewing for dropping me a copy, they are gorgeous!

BA 6-10
Skins: *Beauty Avatar* Melody skin - Natural

And along with this release, Beauty Avatar is giving away a dollarbie skin of the Melody Line, here.

BA free
Skins: *Beauty Avatar* Melody skin - Natural 11 (1L)

Go get it now!


these are gorgeous! And I love the hair! Where is it from?

22/12/08 11:27 PM  

Do you know perhabs if the Beauty Avatar skin is still available? I couldnt find it...

23/12/08 10:12 AM  

Delete that... I must have been temporarily blind... got it :)

23/12/08 10:13 AM  

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