::plod:: mini hunt

Plod has a hunt and you are required to look for snowman (some are even melty) and when you find all 10 of them, you can exchange them for a very versatile white messenger bag. This hunt will end at 12/25, you still have lots of time to do it.

1.You have to get a hud here (click on the poster), and wear it.
2.Then look for 10 snowman around the sim. (Hint: search up and down, inside and corner of everywhere)
3.When you are done, go here and click on the tree, then click the "get item" button on your hud and you will get the bag.

Bags: ::plod:: LeatherShoulderBag_Christmas version.

It's a super awesome bag, just look at the details! Also if you touch the bag, acorns will drop out from the bag from time to time.

Bag (enlarged): ::plod::LeatherShoulderBag_Christmas version

This is a fairly easy hunt, so no coordinates are posted. However, if you are really lazy, or very in need of help for a certain location of a snowman, you are welcome to drop me or Ding an IM to ask for a notecard. Have fun!

P/s: Thanks Linda for the info. =D


not sure if you heard about this... Hourglass shapes and LessThan3 came together to make shapes and skins. Its 2000L which seems like a lot but you get two shapes and three skins. Here is the info I got:

"OFFICIAL RELEASE is December 5th, 2008 at 12 PM SLT!
Thank you for your interest in our collaboration project!

Skins by [lessthan3].
Shapes by ~Hourglass Shapes~.

Limited Editions of only 50 sets.
1-25 at Lessthan3
26-50 at Hourglass

Skins and shapes inspired by L'Via L'Viaquez by The Mars Volta.

Please join our groups to stay informed of future releases.
Happy Holidays!"

5/12/08 7:59 PM  

Thanks for the info :))

7/12/08 1:22 PM  

Several of the snowmen don't appear to be communicating with the hud :(

9/12/08 11:42 AM  

<52.04108, 202.78180, 40.37478>
<133.20420, 180.54650, 39.26613>
<132.17300, 96.29302, 58.65568>
<180.54390, 24.02862, 44.99752>
<232.20150, 59.77516, 26.72773>
<241.05220, 70.90868, 20.01544>
<128.04500, 157.49660, 54.96428>
<90.37862, 117.70540, 39.51546>
<187.01650, 197.77650, 46.33064>
<99.00125, 200.66800, 70.17450>

9/12/08 9:16 PM  

I still can't find snowman #2. It's driving me insane 8]

11/12/08 1:15 AM  

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