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You know how LL tend to impose this really funny yet irritating default typing animations a must on all residents? If you haven't figured out yet, yeah there are ways to stop it, and today I will be telling you how.

Docomo 001
The default typing animation.
Headphone: Docomo: series_color (previous post)

You can disable your typing animation by doing this:

(Ctrl+Alt+D to toggle) Advance ->Debug Setting -> Type in "PlayTypingAnim" and set it to false
and you will never ever see yourself in that silly anim ever again,never.


You can get a Typekiller which works mostly everywhere except for places that are 'no script', however, it might get faulty once in a while, and it might get you agitated.


You can get one of the DOCOMO phones, here (the one that seemed to be invisible to me the whole time was apparently a typing overrider), and instead of having the default typing animation, you will look like you are texting on a phone. How cool can that be?

Docomo 002
The cooler way to type in local chat. Texting is the in thing!

Docomo 003
Close up on the detailed docomo phone

Docomo 004
Tons of phones for you to choose from. Ding picked a yellow flip phone while filling her sack with tons of other phones.
Sack: El'n - Day Sack

The downside of it is the same as Typekiller, it doesn't work in 'no script' places; the phone also will not work if you have already disabled your typing animation using the first way.
*Note*: For those of you who disabled your typing animation the first way, you have to enable it back in order to see the phone and have it working fine.

Thanks to Charoum Dezno who told me that the phones from Docomo are typing overrider, if not I probably still couldn't figured why they are invisible to me :D

Have a great night everybody.


Additionally, the ZHAO-II MB2.0.9 mod by Marcus Gray features a typing killer/typing override function. Since it is an AO, it should also work in no script places, though I can't tell for sure, never paid attention to it yet ;))
Anyway, it is a very handy ZHAO mod and free, of course.

13/11/08 4:40 AM  

there is an easier way to turn off typing, in the latest viewer you can disable it in prefs.


13/11/08 10:36 AM  

Hi :)

Maybe you cna help me? i get a few phones of DOCOMO but i wear them but i cant see them, even if i rez them on the floor..

Pliz help

13/11/08 11:15 AM  

hi! I couldn't find the mobiles, are they free? where can I get them?
Orva Avro

13/11/08 1:05 PM  

Thanks for the links, I love it.
@Orva: Just click on the phone display after teleporting to the place with the phones.
I think all of the mobiles are free, I'm not sure.

13/11/08 6:16 PM  

Hello all, thank you so much for the info. If anyone still have any questions regarding the phone, please do IM me in world. I will see how I can help :D

14/11/08 11:52 PM  

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