Deals under 60L~!

There's a 50% sale off everything in Aoharu till 17th. Trey Dope region has reopen and there are some cheap/free stuff at DP Serendipity. Last but not least, there's a free dress at LeeZu, go grab it before it poofs.

From left to right:
Top: *DPS Henry-T gift(0L)
Bottom:AOHARU: ShortBottom_YellowGreen (40L)

Dress:[LeeZu!] Betty Flexi Dress /rust (0L, click on the polaroid on the rack on the wall)

Top: *DPS Aran Knit- Brown (60L)

Have a great weekend!


hair in center, where is from pls?

i must haz :)

10/1/09 3:07 PM  

/me wonders the same...

- Ana Lutetia -

10/1/09 6:48 PM  

it's from creamsshop.

11/1/09 9:05 AM  

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