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Hey all, I am finally back after this brief hiatus! Today I will be showing all you men what's the in thing to grab, which includes a coat from Aoharu, some tops from KMADD city, and a nice pair of leather shoes for only 10L from HOC Apparel .

free tops
From left to right:
Coat: AOHARU: ShinyDownJK_LightGreen (lucky chair, changes every 10 mins)

Shirt:[ENDEAVOR] Check shirt light green (0L)
Shoes: HOC Apparel - Skoochers-brown (10L)

free tops
From Left to Right:
Top: [JujuCloset] MONSTERRRRRRRRR - M (0L)
Shoes: (Shiny Things) Painter Shoes (1L)

Top: Young Urban -- Orange stripe (0L)

My bag post will be up in the next few days. Sorry for the delay, I was very busy and sleepless in RL for the past week. Till then, have a great time!


I'm sorry but that green coat makes me want to throw up.

7/1/09 10:47 PM  

aww dark, I kinda like the color!

7/1/09 11:49 PM  

Welcome back yo~ Go get some sleep!

8/1/09 5:08 AM  

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