Freebies, Gifts and Deals.

There's a very nice kimono for from COCO. Join COCO group and get it here. Also if you haven't heard about it, Pixeldolls has a dress sale on! All dresses are marked down to 50L till 1/15.

Kimono: *COCO*_Gift Kimono (Join COCO group and get it here)
Cheongsam: (PixelDolls) Cheongsam: Brocade Stripe (50L till 1/15, furshrug and accessories not included)

There are some dollarbies for grab at Burt's Laundry and Pop Feel .(Thanks Abra!)

Outfit:<>cow dress (1L)
Outfit: *pop feel*Sweet Green Flower Dress& Shape (1L)

Last but not least, new freebies and stuff from Runo Runo. Go have a look now!

Top: ~*RunoRuno*~ Teetee (0L, black tank not included)
Skirt: ~*RunoRuno*~ Skirt Red (25L each, 75L fatpack of 4)

Enjoy the Sunday!


great blog as per:-D can i ask where the two hairs are from in the cow dress and the sweet green flower dress pics?many thanks with lindens burning a hole in pocket , Sophy

7/1/09 12:28 PM  

Those are from BP

8/1/09 7:03 PM  

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