There are some gifts for Exile and Spexx group, and some opening gifts from Ornamental life, also not to for get to get those freebie accessories to grab at Yummy(thanks, ok!). Hurry and get them now!

From Left to Right:
Brooch: Yummy Cherrys Broach (0L)
Skirt: SpeXx: Plaid Skirt (Joim
Spexx update group and check notices)

Hair: Exile: Gwen Raver (Join
Exile gear group and get it here)
Necklace: Yummy Seahorse Necklace Freebie (0L)
Top: Ornamental Life: Eve - Echo (0L)
Jeans: [Random] @gnubie- Very Skinny Jeans "Very Dark Wash" (1L, for three pairs)

Necklace: Yummy Black Bead Necklace (0L)
Lingerie: Ornamental Life:Remember Chloe - Starry Night (0L)

Have fun!


where is the third hair from?

8/1/09 7:25 PM  


8/1/09 9:28 PM  

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