My bag.

My bag.

What's in my bag:
- packs of cookies
- moleskine
- reference for current project
- receipts/earphone
- pens/lipbalm
- coins/ keys with various tags
- thumbdrives
- calculators
- scarf/umbrella (for just in case)
- hotpack (a gift from friend, for the freezing weather)
- wallet/checkbook

I thought there was this big mess in my messenger at first, but apparently it doesn't seem like it or does it?. :D


Nope, not messy at all. :D

9/1/09 5:06 PM  

cookies ^^

9/1/09 8:24 PM  

no condoms??! :O

9/1/09 10:50 PM  

not at all...after I layed out all my stuff..I almost had a heart attack when I tried to take the picture and I wasn't sure everything was going to fit right. LOL You are perfection!

9/1/09 11:38 PM  

So far out of all the blogs I have seen doing this, my bag is still the dirtiest. I don't know whether to be ashamed or amused XD

10/1/09 9:37 AM  

2 Massive calculators O_O
Guess you must work with numbers a lot.

Sileny, choice of shame and amusement, choose amusement.

10/1/09 11:06 AM  

Natasha: Thanks!

Widorchid: yeah, japanese cookies

Okrebecca: was left in one of the compartments in the bag, not shown

Rylan: lol, thanks

Sileny: I see no bag? Show us!!

Munchie: Yeah, I work with numbers.

P/s: I am not Japanese. I got those cookies from my friends :D

14/1/09 9:48 AM  

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