The Kiss.

The kiss, kissing couple poses, new at VPoses mainstore . Also, check out for a new freebie (check 000L under barcode)!

the kiss

P/s: Some of the old group poses and freebies have been moved to here.


Great pose will totally buy it when I have a SL boyfriend :p

25/1/09 7:53 PM  

wish you all the best to find one :)) hehe..

27/1/09 5:02 PM  

I know this is an older post so I'm not sure if you will get this or not but can you please tell me where the female hair is from in his picture? Awesome blog btw :D

8/3/09 10:10 AM  

If you wouldn't mind, the coat as well? :DD

8/3/09 10:11 AM  

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