Pretty outfits 100L and under!

Here are some nice tops/dress/outfits under 100L that you might want to grab. Runo-runo has put out a cute/chic/sexy overall outfit in store. For merely 50L, this detailed sculpted simple outfit is a steal!

Overall: ~*RunoRuno*~ Odd Overall (50L)

If you haven't heard of &bean, you should head over to the store and grab some of these great designs (previous collection) at a 50 percent discount.

&bean 1
Hair: {fascino} Cocco AshBrown (50L)
From Left to Right:
Top: &Bean - Occasional Wednesday (75L)
Top: &Bean - Plaaaids! (100L, with sleeve and jacket option)
Top: &Bean - Ah Shush I know it's a Heart! (70L)

Hair: {fascino} Dio Gray (50L)
From Left to Right:
Dress: &Bean - Flutter my Butter Green (85L)
Skirt: &Bean - Dimple Butt (75L)

Happy shopping!


nice Post!
where are the shoes from ?

10/2/09 1:43 PM  

It's from five minutes after

10/2/09 4:23 PM  

Where are the leggings from?

18/2/09 1:09 PM  

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