Here are some skins, hair and random stuff that you should check out.

imagen skin
Hair: W&Y yuki HAIR 73 (0L)
Skin: (IS) Lia (1L each)
Top: &Bean - Northern Lights penk (0L)

42 skin
Hair: W&Y yuki HAIR 73 TEX (0L)
Skin: [42] [Filth] (0L)

Skin: amplify * 2 faced skin (10 mins lucky chair)
Outfit: KWZ Omaga Female Steel (1L, could be worn as a gown, get it asap as it might go back to the usual price of 500L, thanks Shinoo!)
Heart: Broken Heart @ XD Fusion (0L)

Have fun!!!


you forgot the link to the hair... kind of

11/2/09 8:23 PM  

the split face skin is no longer in the amplify chair but there are still lots of goodies and one spooky looking skin

12/2/09 7:29 PM  

erm O_O it is in the chair, i never took it out, lol

12/2/09 8:48 PM  

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