Some updates!

There are not only one but 8 skins in two dollarbie (4 skins each) bags at Lazolli to be grabbed. However, the store was attacked by some griefers last night, so you might have to wait till later or tomorrow to get them. This is just a friendly reminder that there are skins to be grabbed. (Thanks Necia for telling me!)

Skins: Lazolli Julia (1L each for two bags of 4 skins)

Then there's something from kiss hunt that you shouldn't miss out, kiss 18 from RC Cluster which includes tons of fun stuff in it. And this is emo cry cry diary is part of the gift. It comes with the whole animation of you writing the diary , being emo and end up breaking down and cry. How fun could that be?

emo crycry diary
Diary: Kiss 18: -RC- Emo CryCry Diary (behind sofa)

Have a fun weekend hunting!


lovely skins!

7/2/09 12:54 PM  

wow so sweet skins. but i have a ask. please can you say me the store from the hair? this skin with the hair woooow. many thanks for help.

7/2/09 5:53 PM  

Ana: Thanks!

Kya: it's from BP

7/2/09 6:30 PM  

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