If you love tees/tops from Abercrombie/ Hollister in RL, you would probably love Akai. Akai is a fairly new store which sells mostly tops, some poses and accesories (more stuff coming soon). The clothes are highly textured with details and what's best is that every item are under 100L at the moment.

akai 1
From Left to Right:
Top: [ aKai ] : Worth It Tee: Mocha Brown.
[ aKai ] : Moose69 Tee: Melon.

poses: akai
From Left to Right:
[ aKai ] : Simple LongSleeve: Red Scarlet.
[ aKai ] : V-Neck Pocket Tee: Ocean Blue.

Right now, there are a couple of dollarbies (previously posted) in front of the store, I don't know when they will be gone, so go visit Akai today!


H... air? ;)

Sorry, you do display many nice styles. :D

19/3/09 7:43 PM  

lol....zero style.

19/3/09 8:40 PM  

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