Modelling Stool

Diesel Works is giving away a modelling stool for free!! The stool is scripted with 5 different poses and it's totally worth your time checking out! Also something worth mentioning, a long time friend of mine Louis, the owner of Le Choix (posted long time ago, here) has finally open up his stores! Go visit now!

Diesel Work
Stool: Diesel Works GIFT Bar Stool (0L)
Necklace: Le Choix's ATLUS SILVER (opposite 50 flats @ Torres Mall)
Leggings: Dollita/ Leggings Turquoise (not free)
Shoes: 50 flats @ Torres Mall - jelly rose- Orange (35L, random vendor)

Have a great night!


Just a note: It looks cool, but you have to join their group and put them in your picks in order to get this barstool.

22/3/09 8:21 PM  

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