Kinda Late Post

On Ding:
Dress and Pumps: [LI] Go Fly A Kite (From Go Fly A Kite Hunt)

On Vent:
Necklace: a.C - super [SAFARI.line] (1L, limited time only)
Shoes: *ordinary*short leather boots - Dark suede (0L, mini hunt & 30mins camping)

How to get the shoes: First go here, click on the board and wear the bag. Look for the poster shown on the board here and click it, then head over to the diner, here, sit on any chair, camp for 30 mins and you will get the shoes.

Closeup of the shoes.

And something for the girls, there are two new dollarbie skins from Lazolli, here. Go get them already : )

Skins: //LAZOLLI//Phoebe 002 (1L)

Good Night!


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