You probably have done the Imagen hunt. If you haven't, you should do it now, these skins are pretty!! 20 pretty visible clovers to be found in that area, 1L each (1 pair of eyes, Irene skin in 3 different makeups and 2 skintones, Lia skin in 3 different makeups and 4 skintones, and a yet to be released Silvia skin). If you need any help, IM me or Vent.

From Left to Right:
Skin:Trebol 5 (1L)
Skin:Trebol 6 (1L)
Skin:Trebol 7(1L)

imagen 2
From Left to Right:
Skin:Trebol 11(1L)
Skin:Trebol 12(1L)
Skin:Trebol 13(1L)

Also some nice outfits that you might be interested to grab:

Skin: Trebol 20
From Left to Right:
Dress: Indyra Originals Gift: Marie Claire'(0L)
Outfit:Ibizarre St. Patricks Day Gift (0L)

nice dresses
Skin: [LeLutka]-LondonRevolutionLight-Gift Skin (Join LeLutka Group and check notices)
From Left to Right:

Outfit: *Thimbles* Cat Master Blueish (Join Thimbles Group and check notices)
Skirt: Ingenue ~ High Seas ~ Freebie! (0L, be warned, it's super laggy there atm)

Dress & Shoes: [LI] Summer's Birthday Box (1L, one day only)

Have fun!


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