A little introduction (copied from the nc) about this interesting place that is filled with great/unusual, detailed builds (and also gifts) from various designers:

POetIk_* is a collaborative art project created by Nur Moo and Ju Dollinger.
Poetik Velvets is built by cyberpunk visionary Hern Worsley. Artists from around the grid such as Alpha Auer, Four Yip, Case Tomorrow, ColeMarie Soleil, Selavy Oh and Jojorunoo Runo among others, have been invited to place their art on Hern’s build. Gattina Dumpling's Hotel Dare as well found a new location in this project featuring Soror Nishi, Artoo Magneto and others.

Poetik Velvets
YIPs hair (0L, click on Larry the Lobster to get it.)

Poetik Velvets
Various Creators: The Lonely Doll (0L, skin, shape, outfit)

Poetik Velvets
~*RunoRuno*~ Poetik Bathhouse Towel (0L, could be found in runo-runo bags in both men and women's changing room)

Poetik Velvets
alpha.tribe::: "body parts" (0L, for male and female)

If you want to take a break from shopping/hunting in SL and see something unusual/ interesting, visit POetIk_* now!


Hi again! What is the hair you're wearing with the Lonely doll avatar, please ? ^_^

17/3/09 4:59 PM  

That's from Junwave!

17/3/09 5:33 PM  

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