Two dresses from JE Republic and Evie's Closet that you shouldn't miss out!!

Dresses from left to right:
Dress: JE*REPUBLIC-La Plume-Murk (5 minutes lucky chair)
Dress: *EC* Apple Fairy Group Gift (Join Evie Closet's Hippo Group here!)

And some newness in a new gatchapon machine (random vendor) that I set up at 50 flats. 4 pair of new flats only limited to the machine, 35 per play and it's transferable so you can give them away if you have duplicates! Have fun!

50 flats random vendor
Flats : 50 flats (35 per play. transferable)

Last but not least, there's a new, fun and best of all, free, couple pose (picture at sidebar) from VPoses at the Floyd location. Go grab it now!

Have a great Saturday!


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