Banned, so?

[Update:] Due to the overwhelming amount of comments, I would like to say something about this drama:

Firstly, I am hiding nothing behind the conversation I posted and I am not tolerating any bad manners.

Lastly, I apologize for posting the coords without knowing that it shouldn't be posted. My daily routine is to send out whatever that is given to me. And I am apologizing to the hunters who are still hunting in the hunt.

[19:59] Kenzie Corlxxne: I don't appreciate you giving out the coordinates to my hunt. CHEATERS DO NOT PROSPER. If you don't want to actually take the time to look for items DON'T DO HUNTS
[20:02] Ding Fotherington: LOL
[20:03] Kenzie Corlxxne: glad you think it's funny. You've been banned

Banned from what? Key hunt? Like I am bothered to pay 200 to join. HAHA.


God I hate jerks like that...I <3 you Ding, and your cheating coordinates. ;)

10/5/09 11:10 PM  

SO...the person that wrote that to was KENZIE CORLEONE. That would be me. oh hai. You don't have to block out my name...I have a spine.
Cheaters DON'T prosper.

10/5/09 11:38 PM  

I'm not doing this hunt, but I used one of your handy guides for an Easter hunt and it was very helpful. So I just went over to your store and bought a pair of flats. (They are really cute, too!) Keep on prospering!

11/5/09 12:09 AM  

Oh get a grip, Kenzie. Even if you don't like Ding giving coordinates to your hunt, you could have complained in a very different way. You have no excuses for being so rude. She's also giving you free publicity which you should thank her for, or at least show her some common courtesy and respect... I won't be buying any of your stuff ever, and I hope all people who read this blog think twice before they spend their money on you. Cheers! Zbornak Docherty

11/5/09 12:14 AM  

Yeah I'm with Zbornak and BastDawn! I won't buy any of your stuff either and yay for Ding and her help!

11/5/09 12:18 AM  

Hey! If you don't want your coordinates being posted, just ask nicely, k? Ding's not a bitch...she'll respect if the owner wishes need to flame...pfft!!!

11/5/09 12:21 AM  

I don't get why anyone would need coordinates for a hunt with dummy-proof hints on their site and a group where you can ask for help if you need it. Shame on you, Ding! If I had known it was you that caused all the designers to move their keys and Kenzie to have to take the time re-do the hints, I would not have bought a fat-pack of your shoes tonight. I will be deleting all of your shoes that I own and no longer promoting them on my blog.

11/5/09 12:26 AM  

Tiffer, you're just as bad as Kenzie it seems. Is Kenzie your bf by any chance? Yay for Ding and yay for My Second Life on the D-list! I always need help with coordinates, I have a VERY slow connection just like a lot of people, but it's like Zbornak said in the shoutout box, I always go back and buy stuff from the people who give good freebies at the hunts cause if I find them and like them, I'll wear them and want more. If I don't find them, I'll forget about them. You two should be ashamed of yourselves.

11/5/09 12:34 AM  

While I understand designers frustration at having coordinates posted I think politeness goes a long way.
Kenzie could have resolved this by asking instead of being a b*tch (for a lack of a better word). Tiffer needs to calm down. Boo hoo you will be deleted the shoes you purchased, and not promoting Ding's stuff on your blog (which I've never heard of before...and I read a lot of blogs) So what?

This could have all been avoided.

11/5/09 12:44 AM  

Another YAH for Ding! Old laptops are not SL friendly. Even with help and running minimum settings, it takes me forever to do a hunt. What is the big fricking deal if some of us share coords? We are still having fun and I have a little more time to actually look around the stores to see if I like something.

Kenzie, quit working yourself into a tizzy.

11/5/09 12:45 AM  

It is specifically that the hunt organisers and designers requested that cheatsheets will not be passed out so "a little politeness goes a long way" does not even apple, and you may have difficulties with hunting but come on when will you all start respecting designers and the organisers for the effort they put into the hunt Sooner or later designers will stop freebies and hunt because we're disgusted at how unappreciative you can get

11/5/09 1:00 AM  

I do not understand a purpose saying of Kenzie.
Does not the hunting serve as the advertising of the shop either?

I think Ding to be dressed a way splendidly simply because there is it in all sincerity.
If it is said an answer of the hunting and is angry, there is not the qualification to participate in hunting.

I love Ding's blog and Ding.

Please do not be defeated by such people.

11/5/09 1:24 AM  

There's always a place for politeness! It ALWAYS applies!! And if the designers are so outraged how come neither of them expressed it yet? With proper ID please, links to their blogs, at least. I don't believe designers are bothered by people being able to find their stuff. If they are, they're as dumb as Kenzie and Tiffer (who the hell are you anyway) YAY FOR DING all the way!

11/5/09 1:27 AM  

I was actually lame enough to pay the 200L and if it wasn't for Ding I would have felt that it was even less worth my money. I'll never participate in anything that has Kenzie's name related to it, and I hope some designers refuse to do your next hunts and work with you, otherwise they'll also be stained by your attitude. YAHS and YAYS for Ding.

11/5/09 1:32 AM  

yeah, I wish I could have my 200 back too. yay for Ding and boo to Kenzie, I won't even mention the other one cause all she wants is attention. I'm with some of the people here. I will never spend my money again with anything associated with kenzie
Ding ding ding! you win!

11/5/09 1:36 AM  

Perhaps you should apologise to Ding, Ms. Corleone.

(I know I would love to see that...)

11/5/09 1:39 AM  

I did the hunt and I loved it. It was worth the 200L just for the Atomic skins alone, not to mention some other stuff that I found that I liked. Anyway, I definitely think Kenzie could have said things in a nicer way. But I don't think giving out coords for the hunt gifts is what will make designers stop doing hunts. I think it's the drama that everyone brings to it. D:

11/5/09 1:41 AM  

i've had my shop in a bunch of hunts & i've done loads more as a hunter. i'm totally fine with coords lists. not everyone has loads of time to do hunts, or computers fast enough to handle them. and if they've already paid $200L to do a hunt, what does it matter if they actually find the items they've pre-paid for?

isn't it all about letting designers showcase their work to paying customers? does it really matter if they go in knowing where to look?

as a designer, i *want* people to have the gifts i make for them. there's no logic in trying to make the experience of being in your store difficult or upsetting for a potential customer.

meh - i just don't understand the fuss...

11/5/09 1:55 AM  

wow, i LOVE TO TELL THE people who come to my shop where the stuff is, that was they can find it and be on their way if they wish.

it's hard to hunt, and it's not cheating IMHO to help, if they wanna know.

now if there are rules that say DONT TELL PPL then ok, it's cheating. but... i like to call it helping.

but i dont know what the rules were.

11/5/09 1:56 AM  

I agree with Kelly, I thought it was worth the money too, Atomic skins were awesome. However, I will also think twice before I give any money to Kenzie or anything associated with her. Lots of organizers and designers forget their manners too quickly and become as rude as the people who never thank them for freebies. Good costumer service in SL is so hard to find and rude people sure don't deserve my lindens. I'd love to see Kenzie apologise too.

11/5/09 1:57 AM  

well fell free to visit my shop for great customer service anytime :)

i like to think the customer is always right, :)

works for them, works for me.

11/5/09 2:14 AM  

Yay for Ding and Yay for caLLie and narita too! Designers and organizers can be really awful! The best costumer service I had on SL was actually from caLLie cLine and from MK Fashion, they were both incredibly helpful and solved my problem right away, but I had to deal with terrible people from Sinewave and Belleza skins, and they're as bad as Kenzie there. You should apologize for sure and next time think twice before approaching Ding in such a whiny bitchy way!

11/5/09 2:17 AM  

caLLie rocks, MK Fashion rocks, Ding rocks, MichaMi Rocks, Sinewave is horrible, Belleza is horrible and Beautiful Sin silks is horrible, and Kenzie is horrible too!!! Yay for Ding and Vent!

11/5/09 2:28 AM  

@ Callie:
It states clearly in the pack one receives that no cheat sheets or slurls are to be given out. How would you feel, if you *had* specified rules for any of your hunts Callie? And some asshole decides that what you say isn't good enough, and fuck you, I'll do what I want anyway? The official hunt blog contained clues to all the prizes (which have now obviously been moved)so there was absolutely no need for a cheat sheet.

11/5/09 2:37 AM  

Hunts have gotten so vicious, I'm not sure it's worth the effort of doing them any more. It's become focused on designer vs hunter instead of both being appreciative of what each give to the other.

IMO the hunt was worth the 200L. However, displays of attitude are not. Is this supposed to be fun or is it about getting the best of the cheaters? I can definitely say that I'm no longer enjoying hunts and will not be paying to do another. I may pop in and pick up my favorite store's prizes, but that will most likely be the end of it for me. And I don't even cheat.

I can honestly say, these displays of CHEATER signs and accusations because people don't do the hunt the way one person thinks it should be done have turned me off many a store. Do you want your work seen or not? Who cares how one individual finds it?

Rude customers, I can't control. But you know, if writers stopped writing and painters stopped painting every time a critic walked in, our arts wouldn't exist.

Ding, you're helping others without the high speed connection or who have real life jobs and can't sit on a computer all day hunting. More power to you, honey!

11/5/09 2:42 AM  

Why are people bashing Kenzie? Come on now. The hunt organizers explicitly requested no cheating on this hunt. Why is that so hard to respect? The hunt has amazing, generous gifts...far beyond the 200 L spent on the hud. There are sanctioned websites that provide all the hints you need and if you need more the Keys to the VIP Hunt group is extremely helpful. And now Ding you want to turn this into a love fest for you? That is doubly bogus.

11/5/09 2:47 AM  

I will admit, the hints were ridiculously easy..and I would see no need for a cheat sheet being made. However, being nice never hurt anyone as far as I know. And technically speaking, if Ding made the coordinates, she couldn't have cheated, she had to have hunted them fairly. You'd have to actually find those who USED the coordinates to call someone a cheater.

11/5/09 2:55 AM  

lol @ Ding making the slurls herself. DID YOU NOT READ HER COMMENT? SHE WOULDNT PAY TO DO THE HUNT. That means she posted SOMEONE ELSES HARD WORK. Thank you Kenzie for all your amazing work and thankyou to all the designers involved.Ding, you make me want to eat my own head off, urgh.

11/5/09 2:59 AM  

Wait. You didn't even pay for the hunt but gave out coordinates? That's how it sounds in your post. I'm not sure how you can expect politeness when you didn't bother to buy a pass or read the rules. Not that she was all that rude.

The rules were pretty clear and the hints were plentiful. There were only 49 stores in the hunt. The group was extremely helpful and really, nothing was that hard to find even on a slow computer.

11/5/09 3:02 AM  

Rules were CLEARLY expressed. Seems some people think they "above" following them.

Kenzie has poured her heart into this hunt - endless days/nights of preparation, and I know has spent her OWN money for scripts and things needed.

So to have some asshat come along, and blatantly ignore the rules, post the Key coords - regardless .. Ding was wrong -

For those who don't have the time, the computer is too slow, the endless reasons you give ..whatever - perhaps playing goldfish is for you!

11/5/09 3:02 AM  

why are you banning people who make comments that are pro-kenzie?

11/5/09 3:07 AM  

Sad - really.. the hunt was well worth every L - the designers were all great - and the LUX Lounge was killer - Nice work Kenz -

Ding - the name suits you - what joke.

oh.. and to Callie Cline.. can you nose get any browner?

11/5/09 3:08 AM  

It's laid on Kenzie because she was the initiator and therefore set the tone of the conversation.

It's really hard to take someone seriously when they get all wrought up like that.

11/5/09 3:09 AM  

@ anonymous... i said in my post

"now if there are rules that say DONT TELL PPL then ok, it's cheating."

and i said i did not know the rules. i don't have hunts, tho i have participated in some and if im in the shop, and asked, i will tell people where i put the gift.

if i coordinated a hunt and asked for the gifts to be kept a secret and someone wasn't following the rule, i don't know what i'd do.

it's sorta weird cuz it's the "abc" hunt, but you are inviting others to be part of it. so i don't know.

i'm not that much of a stickler on things like that, i like ppl to have fun... yet if i joined a hunt and promised NOT to tell i would not.

thanks for letting me clarify my comment.

11/5/09 3:10 AM  

in readying the convo, or what was posted of it, i would NOT have liked if i had rules that people did not follow and they had agreed to.

i would not have handled it as kenzie did, i usually am a bit softer and try to have a conversation, but i would be upset if someone posted the links if they had agreed not to.

i'm not sure how i'd handle it though.

i usually try to see both sides of things and i've only ever banned one person from my shop after multiple warnings and attempts to get him to stop.

anyway, hopefully people, including myself will learn from this.

11/5/09 3:15 AM  

@ Ms Asskisser - you said that, yes, then said no.. and I will quote you, "now if there are rules that say DONT TELL PPL then ok, it's cheating. but... i like to call it helping."

So.. does this mean you don't claim your income from SL and say.."oh, that is gifts"

Seems people like to make excuses - to suit their wants/needs.

juz sayin..

11/5/09 3:16 AM  

Don't slam Callie for practicing REAL BUSINESS. Callie is professionalism personified IMO. Excellent work, excellent customer service, excellent business practices. There's VERY few designers of her caliber on SL (and I'm not just talking about her designs). Perhaps if more businesses in SL remembered proper business practices there'd be a lot less of this kind of drama. Would you put up with some of this behavior at your local grocery store or mall?

And I believe in this so much I won't leave me my name. Don't accuse me of brown nosing, since I won't benefit from it.

11/5/09 3:17 AM  

I think the hunt was totally worth the money, gifts were wonderful. However, that doesn't give anybody the right to be rude for something so insignificant. Who cares if a few dozen people don't follow the rules. Isn't the point of it all getting your products seen and getting people to have fun? I belong to the few dozens that have more fun breaking the rules!! :P By the way, I haven't seen one well identified designer complain about Ding yet... only anonymous comments popping up. How strange! :) Cheers!

11/5/09 3:19 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

11/5/09 3:20 AM  

ok, after MORE thought, IF i did a LOT of work setting up something and got ppl to sign up agreeing to follow the rules, i would be upset if they didn't and not let them participate again. AND i would look over my rules and see if there was a breakdown in them and see if perhaps i should ammend my approach the next time.

i wanted to do this hunt (as a designer) but i was too busy.

and yeah, when one works hard, as im sure kenzie did, it can be a bummer when ppl don't follow the rules, i don't fault her for losing her temper, as who knows how her day was.

i think we could all be a bit nicer about these things...

and if you wanna call it brown nosing, this is about as brown as i go :)

i want to learn, i don't know all the answers and should i ever do or have a hunt again, i have learned from reading all this.

11/5/09 3:21 AM  

In RL.. thieves.. are.. uhmm. ARRESTED..

11/5/09 3:22 AM  

Let me clarify some things...
Ding did not show any sort of respect to Kenzie OR any of the designers involved in the hunt when she posted the coordinates that were clearly against the rules set forth in the hunt. She is unprofessional and RUDE for posting those coordinates no matter how you look at it. So to say that Kenzie should have handled it differently is ridiculous. She was straight to the point and spoke her mind. Something I guarantee she'd do in person had she had the chance.

11/5/09 3:25 AM  

ok @anon who likes to call ppl names... let me clarify... since i did a poor job on my first comment, since i really didn't htink this was such a touchy subject...

here was my ORIGINAL POST, and i will clarify in parenthesis...


wow, i LOVE TO TELL THE people who come to my shop where the stuff is, that was they can find it and be on their way if they wish.

(that meant, in the 3 hunts i have participated in, i did tell ppl if i was asked or if they were in my shop when i was, to my knowledge there were NO rules saying not to tell, infact we were told at one point to make it easier)

it's hard to hunt, and it's not cheating IMHO to help, if they wanna know.

(that meant, some ppl don't have a lot of time to LOOK, my store is big, and even tho i made it VERY easy, some ppl walked right by the gift)

now if there are rules that say DONT TELL PPL then ok, it's cheating. but... i like to call it helping.

(that's pretty clear, if there are rules and YOU TELL, it's cheating as you have violated the rules you agreed to... i like to call it helping in the hunts i did that i mentioned where there weren't rules)

but i dont know what the rules were.

(that statement meant, since i did NOT know what the rules of that hunt were, i can't say for sure, therefor i said 2 things, if you take my comment out of context, which it seems you did, then you can accuse me of saying 2 different things, but since i put "i dont know what the rules were" i am saying, it would depend)

thanks so much for pointing out my flaws in communicating, and giving me yet another chance to clear it up!

i really must think before i post in the future.

all the best,


11/5/09 3:29 AM  

Zbornak, maybe you should check the facts before you blindly write yourself into the proverbial hole. The rules were clearly specified. Moreover, Kenzie tried to contact Ding and was greeted with a cowardly silence. What you see there is the *latter* part of the conversation. The part Ding wants you to see. Do you have nay idea what it takes to organize 50 designers for a hunt? Promote the hunt? Make sure it all goes smoothly? Nah didn't think so. Please please stop sucking up Dings ass, it makes you look like ass. Kenzie and all the designers worked tirelessly to make sure this all went smoothly, even taking the trouble to create a blog with hints. NO NEED FOR CHEAT SHEETS. But it seems someone around here is more concerned with her rabid following than the designers in sl that work so hard for us. Guess we won't see *this* post on Iheart Ding. Just sayin.

11/5/09 3:32 AM  

gee.. seems I hit a nerve there Callie - sorry .. I call a spade a spade.

I don't care how you spin it, or how many posts you make to "explain" action/reaction - you saw a way to toot your horn, PR - hey - whatever it takes to make ya feel better.

Juz sayin..

11/5/09 3:46 AM  

To Kenzie:

"Cheaters DON'T prosper."

Lame designers don't either. Ding, just like other bloggers, PROMOTES your shop and posting coordinates brings you traffic. Now if you are too stupid to understand that, you really don't deserve to prosper.

11/5/09 3:46 AM  

I'm not sure how thief comes in...that's wow...

However, as far as her attitude, I guess some people approve of that type of behavior in business practices. You can be straight and to the point and adult. You don't have to be hostile and rude.

If you're going to play yourself as someone to be taken seriously, then you shouldn't act like someone ran over your tricycle. There were a dozen more productive ways to handle it. "Hello, my name is Kenzie and I'd like to discuss why you did this"...."Hello, my name is Kenzie and I run x hunt and would like to know why you did this". There were opportunities for something here that are now lost. Perhaps the reason was as simple as "it was laggy as hell in SL and I wanted to help" (yes, it WAS laggy as hell in damn near every store and the ONLY reason I kept hunting was I paid for it and WOULD finish it). In which case Kenzie could have a. learned something and 1. perhaps make plans to extend the hunt due to crappy SL 2. remember that people shouldn't be punished AFTER paying because their systems couldn't handle it and in the future warn others that the vagaries of SL would or would not be accounted for in later hunts or B. stated how much she disapproved and how and why she felt it was necessary to ban her in the future at which point Ding may have learned something.

As Ding is a business owner this could have a been a great opportunity to have her understand how Kenzie felt. Instead Ding laughed at her. Quite frankly, if I'd been approached in that fashion, no introduction, immediate hostility, yelling..I'd have laughed myself. Kenzie left no room for anything here. Now, if Kenzie would have approached Ding reasonably we'd all be bashing Ding right now, wouldn't we?

I know I would. Just because it's SL doesn't mean we should act like asses. Aren't there enough of those in SL? Why would anyone want to be one of them?

11/5/09 3:47 AM  

ohmygoodness, if I'd seen that BEFORE doing the hunt, I wouildnt have bothered... theres no need for attitude like htat. The hunt was easy anyways! Annnnd.... donntya think if people HAVE the coords they'd be more likely to pay the 200L, ao making more money for the hunt anyway???

11/5/09 3:52 AM owner lolololololololololololol. Any asshat can buy full perms sculpts from xstreet (fyi that's where her shoes come from :)

11/5/09 3:56 AM  

@anon, actually you didn't hit a nerve, but since you did judge and call me names, and question my comments, i did go re-read them.

i'm not perfect, and i do often say before thinking, and also, post w/o knowing the facts.

i did that here as i saw this on plurk and it grabbed my interest.

i've enjoyed hunts, admired those who worked so hard to do them, and also felt for ppl who have come into my shop after HOURS of hunting hoping my gift wasn't too hidden.

so i don't mind saying if i misunderstood OR clarifying my opinions OR even admitting if i'm wrong.

no biggie. anyone who knows me knows i'm not perfect. i try to do my best, and guess what, i fall short probably every day.

and in hindsight, w/o knowing everything, i probably should have kept my "dont comment in posts" policy.

so yeah, i failed a few times on this one.

honestly, thanks for pointing it out to me.

call it PR, i call it human growth.


11/5/09 3:58 AM  

ohoho! Anonymous, did someone pay your to be Kenzie's defender? let her defend herself! haha And as for telling Callie Cline that she's a brown noser, look at yourself first you hipocrite!

11/5/09 4:00 AM  

Usually I like and use coords but this hunt was short and had easy clues so I gotta say there was no need for a cheat sheet. Not taking sides cause I know Ding didn't make the cheat sheet. Just whoever did... probably shouldn't have.

By the way, where was all this rage when designers got RIDICULOUS about recent gridwide hunts, specifically Twisted with designers pulling out and coming back and moving boxes every 2 hours and SIITA/Bunny Hop's cheater signs? I feel like this hunt's issues have been really tame in comparison.

IMO gridwide hunts just need a break. A long one.

P.S. if Kenzie is reading this, I thought the VIP hunt was a success, at least gift-wise there was a ton of good stuff. I'd do another.

11/5/09 4:04 AM  

You know, for the last 6 months I worked my ass off on a huge project. I hunted down designers, as this was a specific type of event, I built the builds, I coordinated the entire event, brought in side events, secured entertainment...I busted my ass on it. ONE person ruined it all. I mean utter catastrophe, I had to cancel the WHOLE thing. MONTHS of work down the tubes in less than a minute.

Did I yell at her? No. Did I tell everyone else what she did? No. I said, "Ok" and not another word to her. When she contacted me 3 weeks later to ask me why I wasn't speaking to her, after I poured out my heart about how bad that made me feel and how soundly she ruined my work and she treated me like crap, did I yell? No. Did I get rude? No. I cried on the shoulder of ONE friend who has never mentioned it to anyone and muted her.

Because that's how adults handle things.

BTW, designers don't work hard for US. They work hard for money. Isn't all this about showing your work and bringing in new CUSTOMERS? I'm not faulting them for working for money. I mean, that'd be silly. I'm just saying, they aren't doing us a favor. There are some who ARE generous because they like to help, but let's be honest, this is about new customers and more money for the most part. That's fine, but let's be honest here.

If a designer put out ONE freebie and only updated it if they improved their work, I would get it, try it on and decide if it was quality enough to buy in their shop. I'm not saying I don't like the freebies, but customers pay designers, not the other way around.

Designers don't need to put up with jerks, but even a freebie comes with an expectation. They want you to come back and spend. If freebies were really free, I don't think the bitching about freebie blogs would be an issue right now.

11/5/09 4:14 AM  

For your information, I do have experience organising a lot of events and a few hunts, and I know how hard and frustrating it all can be, and how damn unappreciative people can be of all your efforts. (I just said all this to promote myself btw!) You're right, I only react to what I see, I don't see how Kenzie "tried" to contact Ding... but I see what comments followed this post, and it's very clear how rude Kenzie is. So I maintain everything I said, regardless of Ding's alleged silence. I don't even know why I'm being personally attacked now, but I like it, so keep it coming. Drama, excessive bling, and fairies are my favourite things. Especially when combined. Love me some fae bling. I don't have enough of any of those in RL. \o/ Anyway... I don't see anybody else but Kenzie and one blogger being bothered with this because everybody but you seem to see that Ding didn't do any MAJOR infractions. Kenzie was rude and Ding didn't kill anybody. So drink some coco and chill. \o/ Oh and the only ass I would kiss would be my own, but I can't really reach it, so I rely on free publicity to do it for me, just like the kind you're giving me now.

11/5/09 4:16 AM  

ahahah so much whining omg poor you hahahah you're pathetic leave this alone and stop attacking ding and callie and zbornak, you're just digging a bigger hole for yourself

♥ caLLie, you always help me hunt for stuff and I always go back to your store because you're always so nice

11/5/09 4:20 AM  

YAY for Ding and fae bling

11/5/09 4:23 AM  

i think everyone has their reasons for why they do what they do and no one knows what they are, often we as humans don't even know our OWN reasons or motives, how can one think they can know others'?

freebies.... there are MANY reasons ppl give them. if they EXPECT to GET something back it's NOT free...

i have been to stores where i have taken a "gift" and have not bought, and some stores i've passed on the "gift"

some people do come to get freebies and 'play' sl with the goal of NEVER spending ONE linden... EVER...

(i've spoken to a group of them)

but they still like the free things, just like i did when i joined SL, but they SUCKED back then, OMG, like BAD... but it was fun cuz i had NOTHING in my inventory so getting free birthday kits, houses, (i had no land) cars, dogs, was just like 'oh wow this game is fun you get a lot of free stuff!) oh i loved my flying dragon the best.... cuz i could actually use it...

when i finally did figure out about shopping, (months later, yeah i was slow) i dumped my free outfit for a pixel dolls suit! woo hoo... it was fun! (took me a week to put it on but hey! it was store bought)

anyway, how we "do" sl can't be summed up in any one opinion, we are all so different, i know some of the BEST designers who even tho they NEED more money and are VERY sought after won't charge or sell certain things, even though they've been offered a lot of money, it's a principle to them.

some are all about the money and that's fine too, some are all about art, some are just about fun, some just have no idea...

and most of us change our reasons...

i love to see the evolution in this rapidly changing world of SL... keeps me challenged and stuff but in the end, it's the people that excite me and meeting them.

anyway, thanks for all these posts, each one has challenged me in some way.


11/5/09 4:27 AM  

It all comes down to this - Ding didn't do anything terrible enough to be talked to that way. Even if she didn't reply right away. This all went completely out of hand!
I'm tired of rude designers and rude organizers. Kenzie and kenzie's people are all rude. To Ding, to caLLie, to Zbornak, they have proven to be rude to everybody in this thread.

11/5/09 4:35 AM  

Even people who don't buy anything but wear freebies are giving your store notoriety and are putting your name out there. so freebies are always good.
Stop being rude to ding, zbornak and callie
all Ding did was help people get freebies faster and saved the people who don't like hunts (like me) some trouble
callie and zbornak only gave their opinions but didn't not insult you or used foul language like you did. you guys went too far and insulted everybody and were as rude as you could be, even if you had some reason on your side, you lost it with this attitude

11/5/09 4:54 AM  

Just so everyone is aware...the reason Kenzie hasn't responded is because Ding has banned her and is banning anyone who defends her.
That's really mature and big of you Ding. If you had even half a spine you'd let Kenzie speak and anyone else that wants to. Instead you are choosing the comments that feed your delusions.
You were wrong. Kenzie did nothing wrong and was not rude by any stretch of the imagination. The VIP hunt was amazing and well worth the money. Ding you are really losing out on this one because of your unprofessional actions.
Props to Kenzie for organizing a great hunt and standing up for the designers involved. Takes a real woman to speak her mind. Did anyone notice that Kenzie called Ding out and Ding backed down like a scared little puppy dog? That speaks volumes imo

11/5/09 4:58 AM  

Zada if you don't like hunts then don't sign up for's really simple lmfao

11/5/09 5:00 AM  

because I still want the products? duh?

11/5/09 5:11 AM  

oh brother, kenzie has been nothing BUT rude throughout this whole thing, and I see lots of people defending her so how can ding be banning them? o.O

11/5/09 5:14 AM  

Ephe.....Kenzie shouldn't have to ask her not to post the coordinates in her subscribomatic group. that was a di*k move and was clearly against the rules. If Ding was such a professional as she claims to be she would have known that was against the rules and would have done her homework before doing it.

Not to mention one little thing no one is considering...Ding should have FIRST messaged the hunt directors and asked them if they minded her posting coordinates as that would be the professional and courteous thing to do.
Yet she didn't. So why should Kenzie go out of her way to be courteous and professional to Ding? She shouldn't. I think Kenzie handled it well considering. Dings response of "lol" was a blatant slap in the face to Kenzie. If she was such a great person she would have said "oh I'm sorry I didn't know it was against the rules" and done something about it. She fully intended to try and ruin the hunt for everyone. Way to go are a douche.

11/5/09 5:14 AM  

I'm SO hawt, LOL did you see my 1st Life picture?


11/5/09 5:15 AM  

Ding should think twice before posting nasty things about other designers on her blog.

Karma is a nasty betch and will come back to haunt you. It always does.

Using your blog to bad mouth other designers is never going to get you anywhere and it most certainly proves how disrespectful you are.

11/5/09 5:18 AM  

Whoever posted that comment claiming to be Kenzie is just stupid.

11/5/09 5:35 AM  

you know I'm sorry. But you guys really need to get over it.

Ding has always been one to provide Coords, and it really should be no surprise. Honestly, I think its ridiculous for anyone to be bitching. People PAID for this hunt. P.A.I.D. 200L. They have EVERY right to receive every item available to them. And for you bitches to get all uppity about it is stupid. You want to bitch about people posting coords? Don't charge, otherwise stfu. YOU'RE GETTING PAID FOR YOUR WORK WHO CARES.

And really, any designer who actually bans Ding from their store is only doing a disservice to themselves. Wouldn't you rather have the opportunity of being featured on D-List, and get new customers? Or would you rather be crazy and vindictive over a gift that people have paid for, and not get new customers?

Grow up.

11/5/09 5:39 AM  

Hi Ding, i was doing the hunt but i could not get the 42 skins because a loser called Roblem Hogarth banned me from Snatch City and Pulse *lol* And if this Kenzie Corleone would be able to read the Key-Hunt blog, he would read this: The following hints have been provided by Maleficent Benoir from Thank you Mal!!!

Where is the difference between a hint or s slurl? most of the shops will see me never again...Kenzies's is one of them!

Shayariel Teardrop

11/5/09 5:44 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

11/5/09 5:48 AM  

Shayariel getting banned from Sn@tch City and Pulse takes quite a bit so I don't doubt you deserved it.

Mal rocks and she'll be the first to tell you that giving out coordinates is cheating!

11/5/09 5:50 AM  

@ Wrenja
As a designer, I can tell you there is no way on god's green earth I would ever want my store associated with this poor excuse for a blog. Ding's lack of respect for designers is more than evident. The same goes for your blog. Bitches are we? Funny how Dare Designs has hunt rules that you preach black and fucking blue on your rag of a blog, oh! But that's because you get review copies from him!! How silly of me! So, what you are basically saying is: If hunt designers give you review copies, you will abide by their rules, and if they don't, well have at it. What if Katatonik had a hunt Wrenja, would you be so quick to defend Ding then? Doubt it. God you of all people I expected to be honest and real, you are as bad as the rest of these wannabe starfuckers. A fakeass wannabe, sucking up designers asses to get free shit, then pulling this shit when you think they aren't looking. Kudos for your sour, grabbing, twofaced behaviour, truly something to be proud of.

11/5/09 6:02 AM  

i can understand the fact of "owner dont like to see cordinates of hunt-gifts shown to everybody"

but her reaction on your "LOL" is def. no manner.

cordinates are very nice if:
- the item is to much heavy hided
- the place is full of lag

otherwise she is right, that not the sense of the topic "hunt" to just tp there and grab and just be away. thats boring - the fun of hunts are: that you have to look around :)

many greetings

11/5/09 6:25 AM  

Ok seriously the cheat sheet isn't that big a deal. If it had not been for the cheat sheet, I wouldn't have bothered going to half the places and just gone to the favorite stores and the last one for the final key. If you really wanted to make it cheat proof, you should have made it so you could not get the final gifts unless you had every single key. To be honest, the hunt ended up being way longer than I think most of us thought it would be. And I know personally I spent less time shopping for pay stuff at some places bc I hated the place after spending 30 mins looking for a key.

11/5/09 6:49 AM  

I agree with the last post completely. I got really bored and almost gave up. It was too long, things were laggy, some stores I wasn't interested in, and nothing really helped. I'm glad Ding posted the clues. I think this got completely out of control, for something of so little importance. Kudos to Ding for putting up with stuff and insults like this, and kudos to Zbornak for having a sense of humor and keeping her cool after being so insulted for no reason, and same thing with Wrenja. That was totally uncalled for. I wouldn't have kept quiet and poised like you ladies did.

11/5/09 7:25 AM  

See now this is what happens when the "designers" can't complain about freebie vampires and copycats oh and of course people not buying their things or coming to their stores - quit the bitch fest, you don't lose any popularity, if someone is gonna buy something they will regardless of a slurl sheet or not. If your "prize" is good enough - you'll get business on the back of it.

(and my 2 cents worth - maybe 2 of the things in the hunt were worth the money but it seriously went downhill when CnS, Luck Inc and Urban Outfitters pulled out.)

11/5/09 7:48 AM  

ding should have apologised instead of going "LOL" if it was in the rules that hunt coords should not be passed out, ding is already at fault regardless of whether or not passing out cheats is right in the first place or not. what kenzie was trying to say is that if you cannot abide by the rule then don't participate. so what are you slamming kenzie for and calling her a bitch when she has every right to be given her effort at planning the hunt, ding on the other hand posts this and makes it dramatic, it's time for you to grow up instead of sucking up

11/5/09 8:05 AM  

This is the most ridiculous thing I've ever read.

1) Ding didn't need to give out co-ordinates, because Kenzie posted incredibly clear hints on the key hunt blog that would have gotten you through the hunt in little under an hour. However, if you're too stupid to read the notecard handed out when you bought the vip pass, and go see the blog for yourself, its your own damn fault.

2) All you people bashing designers, saying their stuff is amazing or their stuff is crap. Do you design clothes? Do you work with prims and sculpts for hours every day? Do you curse and swear at textures that won't fit right, while trying to deal with SL glitches? If you don't, then you don't get to talk. Walk a mile in their shoes before you earn the right to diss their items, just because you don't like the style. Maybe someone else does?

3) Hunt organizers do work hard to make these hunts fun for us people who participate. Please don't bash them. Everyone has a face behind the monitor and words can hurt. This is saddening, how abusive people can be just because they can't see the other person.

And to the lady (I use that term loosely amongst you commenters) who was banned from Snatch City? You probably deserved it. Where you one of the above mentioned idiots who didn't find your way to the keys blog? Or were too lazy to go there and see that Sn@tch was NOT in the list of participating designers? So you went there and shot your mouth off at the models about how the key wasn't out, when it shouldn't have been out in the first place? I know Ivey and Rob. They only ban when someone acts like a complete and total idiot, so I'm betting that's what you did.

SL players are becoming so rude, its disgusting. Stop arguing about freebies, stop cheating on hunts where even the name implies spending the time to look around a store, and just have fun. Smile, because life's too depressing at it is. And that's all I have to say.

11/5/09 8:20 AM  

Badger badger badger badger mushroom mushroom!!! *rocks on*

hahaha @ Pissed off with bleaters

11/5/09 8:21 AM  

Why do they care though if the "rules" were broken? They got paid their 200L. It does not effect the hunt whatsoever. There is no reason that "cheating" takes away from the event. All it does is allow us to skip out on stores that we don't want to go to bc they are too laggy. This one I went to, had 10 bots just standing there with the group tag on. Not models. Bots. After a 15 minute load, and 30 mins of hunting. I finally found the key. And the gift was pretty much crap. So, do some quality control before you say "freebies without the usual crap". And then maybe everyone else will abide by the rules if you hold up to your end of the bargain by delivering what you said you would for the 200L. This hunt wasn't any better than any other and at the end I had less money. Good job!

11/5/09 8:24 AM  

badger badger badger
mushroom mushroom
a snake a snake oooh it's a snake
badger badger badger

awesome sauce 'Pissed off with bleaters'! lmao

11/5/09 8:27 AM  

Honestly I dont see what the big deal is. The stuff put out is free any way. SO what they banned you. No big loss, keep doin what you do Ding!!!

11/5/09 8:31 AM  

badger badger badger and love me some fae bling are the only two things I'll truly remember from this whole ordeal, but I guess I'll make a note of the designers who are whining and of kessie, cause this is all too lame of you! most designers are more than willing to help us in our hunts, most of them tell me where things are right away and I always thank them for freebies
I did this hunt without ding's help, but I wish I knew there was a way to cheat, I wasted a lot of my time andlots of the gifts were highly lame. I've seen better hunts where I didn't have to pay anything and where some of the lms took you right next to the freebie, so just shut up
if I like your freebies I'll buy more of your stuff, but with all this rudeness and insults from kenzie and kenzie's people you just lost my business
badger badger badger

11/5/09 8:36 AM  

I must so hard laughting about this hunt and the quality ;DDD

11/5/09 8:56 AM  

OMG this is soo absurd ...

First of all Kenzie is much provocating to all of the Designers !!

She kicked out Shit Luck & CnS ...
She said that their stuff is less quality than the other Stuff !!

Hahahhahaha the only thing i can doo is lough about it *sorry*

The other Point about the coordinates is that every designer can be glad if much ppl get their LM´s ... Much LM´s in ppls inventory means much more customers in the FUTURE !!
Kenzie should be glad too ... If others see how easy the hunt is witv coordinates much ppl would join ... That means much more money for her !! 200 L every Pass ... PPL have the right to find all of the gifts for their money !!!

Thats what i think about it ...
Have a really great day & please come down ... You all benefit from it xD Bye !!

11/5/09 9:02 AM  

I really don't see what the issue is, rules or not. If it PROMOTES your hunt by mentioning it and making it easy and attractive for people to do it, what is the problem? They still need to give you 200L to do it!

I think Kenzie is ridiculous, and after what happened with Shit Luck/Luck Inc causing them, plus CnS and Urban Outfitters to pull out too... well if I'd known about that beforehand I wouldn't have spent my money and wish I could get it back. They're the three stores I was most excited about, along with Atomic.

Maleficent Benoir has posted pictures of all the hunt gifts, and I went through those and only tp'd to the stores where I wanted something. You know how many I went to? 10% of the stores. That's ridiculous.
(Mal's blog post is here -> )

For something that was promoted as being a hunt with above average quality of prizes, this hunt fails hard. Kenzie's customer service is appalling and clearly there's a pole up that particular butt. Maybe a couple fists too. Not ALL of the prizes sucked, but a HUGE amount did.

Callie's nose isn't brown, she has one of the most successful business models in SL.

Seriously, people. Poor Ding, for promoting such an awful hunt and providing a service for a worthless excuse for a human being who then whined about it. Hi5, Kenzie Corleone, you are an idiot.

11/5/09 9:05 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

11/5/09 9:22 AM  

*sighs* lololol hi5 katey!

(kicks my comment above it lol)

11/5/09 9:25 AM  

True Katey ...

Thats what i wanted to say wiv my comment above yours xD

11/5/09 9:28 AM  

omg I have never seen such maliciousness and hate filled responses. It's people like these that make designers want to stop giving altogether. Kenzie tried to do a hunt that would be fun and benificial to everyone, designers and hunters included and all you people can do is bash her and the hunt and all the people who worked hard to make things for it? 200 L works out to less than 80 cents. EIGHTY CENTS is what you paid to get all the items in it. There were tons of great things worth every penny. None of you know why Shit Luck and CnS were out of the hunt but some of us do and it was for a damn good reason. You all sound like spoiled little babies. I hope every one of you is banned from every store you put down. And FYI Kenzie isnt keeping the money from the hunt. It's being shared among all the designers.

11/5/09 9:28 AM  

I'm a RL 3D artist and animator. As a SL creator I spend hours rendering sculpties and texturing things right. All of my textures are hand drawn. I like to do things perfectly and SL never helps. None of that gives me an excuse to treat people poorly though! I design SL content by choice. I'm always very happy when people appreciate my things, some can be rude and even criticize my freebies, but it's only a handful of peeps. Most people are quite lovely, but perhaps they're lovely because I'm nice to them as well! Kenzie and Fel and your "designers" should learn to do business properly and learn some manners in the process. You're acting like a grade school girl Kenzie. It's like you organized your little birthday party but your guests are only welcome if they do exxxxaactly what you tell them to... I will never participate as a designer in one of your hunts.
Ladies and gentlemen, without cheaters and hackers, and people who find smarter ways of achieving the same goals, we would never evolve. People who like hunts will still prefer to hunt even if they know there's a walkthrough out there... and now if you'll excuse me, I'm going to eat a hot tamale and dance to badger badger badger while I put on some fae bling

11/5/09 9:35 AM  

Too say Luck inc got less quality is very rude especially if you compare their stuff with the stuff form Sassy Kitty. Sorry that´s fact ! The reaction of CK, Cyn & Trixi was totally normal ...
I would react like this too !

11/5/09 9:36 AM  

"None of you know why Shit Luck and CnS were out of the hunt but some of us do and it was for a damn good reason."

Well i dont have to be "Anonymous"...

She didnt kicked me and Ilian, neither Trixie... We left cuz she spoiled on Ck´s Quality... that´s all!

(my 2 ow wait, EIGHTY CENTS)


11/5/09 9:40 AM  

who's treated anyone poorly? The hunt organizer asked that no one pass out cheats to the key locations. Someone did, broke the rules set by the hunt orgaziner and got banned. I don't see how that was uncalled for. Now posting it publicly and getting all your friends to bash someone is I think extremely childish AND uncalled for. You broke the rules and it doesnt matter how many people love you for doing it. It's still cheating.

11/5/09 9:44 AM  

This is totally ridiculous.
Kenzie just gave a bad name to a bunch of designers, and I hope they're all very upset with her as I would be!!!

caLLie is no brown noser. She is lovely, always helpful, has a wonderful prosperous business and the comments towards her were very unfair, and so were the insults to Zbornak, who's def. the least ass kissing person I know lol If you know her, you'll know what I mean. THis was totally out of place and proportion. I don't know Wrenja but some comments to her also sounded way too strong and like a personal vendetta to me. And Ding, well, you just gained a new blog follower. Keep up the good work!

11/5/09 9:52 AM  

Cynthia, your stuff is primo and too good for that hunt anyway!
Katey you're ace and I agree with everything you said. ^5
Pissed off with bleaters & Zb - you're too funny

people who like hunts will still search for stuff and have fun, and people who don't like hunts, pay the 200L and do it Ding's style, just like I did. I wouldn't have joined if I didn't think someone would have a cheat sooner or later!

11/5/09 10:01 AM  

i think its hard to say who was rude in this case because we don't know the whole conversation. i do know that the hunt was fun, the hints made it easy, and the gifts were fab! i also know that i love ding's blog and the great bargains she finds! so, moving on from the drama... lets get back to the fashion! lol!

11/5/09 10:05 AM  

I think the only people who have to gain from this are the ones who pulled off the hunt on time. CK, Cynthia & Trixi must be laughing their asses off, and rightly so!
Ding should be laughing too.

Just because people have opinions opposite of yours doesn't make them ass kissers and brown nosers. At least they have the balls to identify themselves.

Most of these terribly rude anonymous comments have been pissing me off from the start. I think they all come from the same person.

11/5/09 10:16 AM  


11/5/09 10:19 AM  

@Ding: You and all Bloggers do a very good job!

Most of the Designers take their profit from Blogs, right? Kenzie should have talked to Ding per IM. To ban a well known Blogger is a suicide mission, isn't it?

There is no stealing, no copying items, no crime, lists about items are just to help people to not get lost in a huge SIM or with a weak PC. Where is the sense to let people run arround for hours when they have even paid for a hunt but for some reasons - lag - can't find the item?

If I don't like such a list, I don't read it. Others do! So? I met people which do a list while hunting and give it away to others or do the hunt again with friends. Isn't this cheating as well? Do you ban every Person which gives a hint? Again: It's me, myself and I who decide if I read such a list!

Anyway, lets calm down please. SL is a game and we are supposed to be friendly. I am. :-)

11/5/09 10:26 AM  

WTG on 100 Comment *lol* ^^

This is soo funny ....
I only can laugh about the whole situation :))

11/5/09 10:30 AM  

I think the banning and muting in SL have gotten out of control. I got banned from a place recently simply because someone didn't like a BLAND OPINION I expressed in a recent blog post. "I hated your blog post about XXX. You are BANNED from my store!"

Can't we all just discuss our differences like the mature, pixelated adults we are without hitting the "ban" and "mute" buttons??? Or is everyone in Second Life really 12 years old??

11/5/09 10:47 AM  

It's very easy to come here and insult Ding, Zbornak, caLLie and Wrenja without having the courage to show your names.

Ding and Wrenja have good blogs. I always find new designers and good freebies thanks to them. If they didn't feature you, you don't have to be a child about it. Hunts are great for people who have patience for them. I just want to get the items as quickly as I can. I have no fun hunting and no time to search for things, so if I can get them quickly it's good. I'll have time to go through them, wear them, try them and save the ones that I love. I often go back to stores after a couple of days of getting their freebies.

Zbornak could kick all of your asses if she wanted to. She does great events and her costumer service is nothing but the very best. She's super nice and kind if you deserve it but she took the high road here by choosing not to annihilate the jerk who called her an ass kisser just for having a strong opinion. Love you Z.

caLLie is as sweet and as professional as they come too, and her costumer service is truly excellent as well. I love your products caLLie and the few times I had problems due to SL glitches you helped me right away and fixed everything I needed on the spot. You should have stuck to what you were defending at first though. You being so helpful and kind is one of the things that makes me like buying your cool stuff.

Shit Luck & CnS & Urban Outfitters& Narita just gained a new costumer. I'm very glad your name isn't tainted by Kenzie in all this.

All the designers who are letting Kenzie speak for themselves just lost a costumer.

11/5/09 11:00 AM  

Kenzie is either 12 years old or a complete idiot. I'm often wrong but I'm betting on the 12 years old.

11/5/09 11:02 AM  

Shit Luck & CnS & Urban Outfitters only had to gain by pulling out of baby Kenzie's stupid hunt. Participant Designers should all come out and apologize for being involved with a person with such attitude.

11/5/09 11:06 AM  

I get really turned off by hunts that focus on not chating rather than the traffic pusher that it really is. It's not cheating to help friends is it? Cause I'd be screwed if it was. Not everyone is blessed with the ability to see semi-invisible prims in an already overcrowded, laggy sim.

I love hunts, and only ever ask for hints when I am stuck - or I will refer to a location list when I have been stood in a store for over an hour and still have not yet fully rezzed. Do I have to be punsihed for not wanting to waste my days waiting for things to rez?

Protip for the naive - It's not ever, ever about the designers or the people who run the hunt, it's about the customers. If you drive away the good customers in favour of punishing the bad ones, you risk losing them all. It's a bad business practice to alienate all the customers.

I get that everyone would like to make some money too, but you don't get return customers if you don't have the right attitude.

11/5/09 11:14 AM  

oh god everyone needs to stop complaining about this its a hunt hunts are to promote your store be happy anyone even wants to PAY for that and no it wasnt worth the 200L most people gave out CRAP AS USUAL

11/5/09 11:17 AM  

yeah most of it was crap, glad Ding helped

11/5/09 11:24 AM  

Hi everyone, it's "a loser called Roblem Hogarth" here with my $2L. Its a long story as to why I banned Shayariel Teardrop from the sims I pay LL $590US a month to run but if you would want this delightful woman around you after she wishes you die in car crash that's your choice.

I'll keep the rest of this short and sweet. If you only pick up freebies in SL your never going to be happy. They are never all going to be in your style, color etc. But why not Roblem you loser you? Simple, you didn't choose them and in a hunt you didn't even know what the heck you were picking up. You go through a supermarket blindfolded and are surprised you ended up with a cart full of stuff you didn't want?

As for the "point" to this blog post, sure its a hunt, a Cheat Cheat was going to pop up even if the organizers specifically asked for that not to happen. However for the "hero" that went ahead and did it anyway to be surprised to be banned? Please. As for everyone that wants their $200L back, thats what 75 cents US, or like 3 trips the the gum ball machine? Do I even have to say it?

11/5/09 11:27 AM  

I think it could have started in another way and with a much happier end if Kenzie had tried to at least talk to Ding when Imed her.
I think this is an unnecessary fight because we dont know about all hunts on the grid and STOP, THINK AND ACCEPT IT , sites and blogs, from Freebies or not, helps promoting it.
Sometimes the hunt is so extensive that many of us give up, but when we see an interesting item on any blogs, we start to do, generates the traffic and at the end we start to buy in the shops, as I normally do.
As said above, Ding does not steal, not kill, not committed crimes and I believe , the vast majority of residents have already used or will use such a coords list to help in hunting!
Please people, face the fact , no one loses !
Open your eyes and stop all this drama !

11/5/09 11:29 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

11/5/09 11:32 AM  

Solution: don't give out public freebies, don't partake in hunts, just sent sporadic freebies to your group along with new product mentions. If freebie snatchers are just that they tend to get sick of hearing things they have to spend US$0.20c on and unsubscribe. Oh ya, use a group system with no archive feature so they have to stay in the group. This is how to deal with these people if you don't like them.

11/5/09 11:45 AM  

Roblem Hogarth, you have the right to ban whoever you want and you probably had more than enough reasons to ban whoever you banned, but it's like you said, it's a hunt, and a lame one too, and we also have the right to disagree with your decisions and make up our own opinions. so in the end it's all very well balanced. I spend quite a bit of money on SL and if possible I like to know where it goes. Next time I see something nice that you make though, I'll go chew on some gum instead, since it's more than obvious that you don't need any of my 75 cents.

11/5/09 11:45 AM  

thank you kenzie that you've told me to get my facts straight :D

n i SO got em straight to right leave your hunt after you've bugged CK cuz of his "bad quality" and EVEN copmared him to Sassy Kitty! bwahahaha....

11/5/09 11:46 AM  

Who decides wich stuff is worth and wich is better quality ??

I think it´s up to the Hunters wich stuff they safe and wich they delete ... Not all have the same taste !!

11/5/09 11:48 AM  

I'll avoid anything that has Kenzie's name involved with it amd her buddies' stuff too. My 75c with Ms. Kitsune's 75c is -$1.50 already. Rob, you might as well have said 'Save your money!' Hey Cynthia, got anything for sale for 75c?

11/5/09 11:49 AM  

Add my 75 to that and make it -$2:25

11/5/09 11:52 AM  

One of the many Anonymous comments said the following:

"200 L works out to less than 80 cents. EIGHTY CENTS is what you paid to get all the items in it."

Currently, the Keys to the VIP group contains 605 members. At L$200 each that's L$124,800, or (using Anon's conversion up there) roughly US$484.

I had a mind to do this hunt and then blog about it (and no, I never give out co-ordinates). But I'm loath to pay L$200 when I can't find ANY mention of WHERE that money is going. To the designers? To the organiser? To a deserving charity?

US$484 is a lot of money, and no doubt there are a few people that have paid their L$200, completed the hunt, and left the group. So it could be an even higher amount.

I have checked the notecard given out by the info kiosks, I have checked the hunt's official blog, and yet I can find no mention of where this money is going.

I'm quite sure that there are many charities who would very much appreciate such a generous amount.

11/5/09 11:53 AM  

I'm with you. Make it -$3, please.

Hey Wrenja, don't let anybody upset you. You're very cool, your blog is great, and so is Ding's. Hugs!

11/5/09 11:55 AM  

Count me in. -$3.75

11/5/09 11:57 AM  

Yay for gum. -$4.50 with my 75c

11/5/09 11:58 AM  

well said Mar
-$5.25 ;)

11/5/09 12:01 PM  

Six Dollah!

11/5/09 12:03 PM  


11/5/09 12:04 PM  


11/5/09 12:08 PM  

*chews and pops gum*
-$8.25 with me

11/5/09 12:11 PM  

If you're not allowed to delete negative posts of your blog because it makes you a sissy, I think you should turn off Anon posting. I think EVERYONE should have to man up. <3
You're the best.

11/5/09 12:12 PM  

-9 dollars
I love gum machines

11/5/09 12:14 PM  


Hey I can haz cheezeburger with so many Ls \o/ HOO!!!

11/5/09 12:17 PM  

I think we've made our point

11/5/09 12:18 PM  


11/5/09 12:22 PM  

kkkkkkkkkkkkkk I love Ivy, but Roblem is a complete stupid man. OMG.

drama drama for nothing, designer should be grateful for free publicity, high traffic.
Callie is the model, I think because of this she has sucess, what the name of your store Kenzie?

11/5/09 12:24 PM  

I banned myself from Snatch months ago. So hey, 13.50 with me!

And for the record, lack of professionalism is why. If everyone is looking at it like customers are "just 75 cents", it's no wonder SL suffers from a severe lack of professionalism. But it really doesn't matter if it IS just 75 cents. A true businessperson treats the customer well no matter what the amount of money.

11/5/09 12:28 PM  

You have nothing to apologize for Ding, but it was nice of you to do so. I'm still in the hunt, and I'm not going to check your sheet to cheat. I know it's available, I know I can get it, but I like to search for stuff, so I'll do it the regular way. You did nothing SO wrong to deserve this kind of treatment and hate messages. Glad some people stepped up and defended you right away, with their names on display!
-12 with SR,
-12.75 with me!

11/5/09 12:29 PM  


11/5/09 12:31 PM  

this is the last time I look at this blog. I've never seen such a bunch of ungrateful drama whoring freebie grubbers in my life. Enjoy all your hits today cause it wont get like this again til the next time you attack someone.

11/5/09 12:42 PM  

I'm not in this hunt, but my understanding is that the money goes back to the designers. Last number I heard was 1200 participants total so with the cash out rate about $870US. So about $17US per designer. Not really sure what direction you will all run with that, but have at it. ;-)

11/5/09 12:49 PM  

nice I'm a starfucker :O *self highfive* Better stars than trash I suppose right? And I betcha ten bux I know who wrote that lovely post about me.

Lets make one thing clear, when I pass on the information a designer has given me about their hunt. I.E. 'they will ban anyone they see cheating' I pass it along. Its people's business to know, doesn't mean I agree with it. Also doesn't mean that I'm going to ban them from the blog for having a difference of opinion.

At the same time, Dare doesn't charge you to hunt before you find your items, so I don't have a problem with his rules. That and I don't suck up to anyone, or anything. I don't ask designers for demos, even though many have told me they would give me anything I need. If something is dropped on me, they do it of their own free will. No nudging, hinting or asking done on my part. Thank you very much.

Lets make another thing clear. If you haven't BOUGHT a ticket, you don't KNOW the rules. Because Kenzie never posted them anywhere :O. As a continuation to what Mar said, where does the money go? I wondered that for weeks, you would think that would be the number one thing Kenzie would be trying to get across. But no, its no where, at all. I had to ask designer friends who were involved in the hunt to find out. I've been checking that blog for weeks to see if I was actually interested in participating. But after this, I guess I'll just have to kiss that WWI jump suit goodbye. Cause I won't support this shit.

After this childish little blow up, and childish little bloggers hiding behind anonymity to call other bloggers starfuckers, etc. I stand behind what I said, you're being bitches, and you need to grow up. Get over it.

11/5/09 1:00 PM  

This has apparently become people in Ding's clique taking her side, and people in Kenzie's cliqe taking her side. For the record- I stand by what I said about no longer blogging Ding's shoes. For those that have never heard of me or my blog, your rudeness shows just how immature you are. And, also, I never heard of Kenzie before the hunt or have talked to her.

11/5/09 1:09 PM  

Oh wow, too many comments here I can't read all of them but I will say this...

I like Ding's blog very much. She puts a lot of hard work into it and even if I don't go to all the hunts listed, I do like a cheat sheet now and then. It helps me to breeze through them without the frustrating of looking too hard. I guess most people like the challenge, but for us 'cheaters' it's very appreciated.

Now, as far as banning people... I have only banned people from my sim for griefing. Banning for other reasons seem petty and it does not benefit your business or the merchants that reside on your sim.

I can't believe there are 130+ comments on this already... everyone needs to calm down a bit.

11/5/09 1:16 PM  

You know, this just gave me one more reason NOT to do that hunt. I am SO sick and tired of hunt organisers telling us it "spoils the fun" to have coordinates.

You know what? Some of us don't have 100000 years to look around every store in a laggy hunt.
We appreciate others sharing their information.

It doesn't cost the store owner or the hunt anything to have people find items a bit more easily.

Especially a hunt you PAY for?

I personally do not shop in stores with this kind of an attitude about hunts. What you are doing is making it unpleasant and tainting your own hunt.

While I appreciate freebies and hunts (well the ones that don't cost L$200) I don't see why designers CARE if we can find your item more easily. Frankly if I am trying to get round a gazillion stores and your item is hard to find I am likely to give you a miss and move on. And if I don't get your item I won't see what your product is and come back post-hunt to spend money.

This type of attitude doesn't prosper. I definitely will not be doing this hunt now.
And I am logging right now to go buy shoes from Ding to show my support.

11/5/09 1:16 PM  


P.s. If my blog is such a 'rag'. Stop keeping up with it then sweetie ;D

11/5/09 1:31 PM  

" This type of attitude doesn't prosper. I definitely will not be doing this hunt now.
And I am logging right now to go buy shoes from Ding to show my support. "

OMG YES! If it wasn't for the likes of Ding we would all look like RUTH! Instead we get all this free cool stuff and get to look much much better, although somewhat alike since we are wearing the same stuff from the same hunts, but yeah, looking slightly clonish is still kewl, go the freebies!

11/5/09 1:38 PM  

Here is my two cents...

Both parties could of handled it better but I think we all need to move on now. :)


11/5/09 1:41 PM  

I did the whole damn hunt, and I liked it. And congratulated Kenzie on what a great job she'd done. The content was terrific, a lot of the hiding places imaginative and it introduced me to new stores I'll be happy to spend my lindens at.

And I'm laughing hard at the count of all these minus 75c. I reckon I spend easily $20 a month in Rob and Ivey's stores, I'm happy to make up your negative count and make sure they have enough left over to buy a scraper to get all this wadded up bubblegum off their shoes.

Oh yeah, and all you Anonymous posters...shiii-iiit, grow a set, post your name and stand behind your words,eh? Aren't SL avatar names enough of a hidey hole? Espesh the coward repeatedly attacking Callie. You aren't impressing anyone, sunshine.

This isn't a Pro-Ding/Anti-Ding comment. This is just my views on the comment backwash gurging down the plughole. Tres amusante.

11/5/09 1:43 PM  

Please you all by now must know "spoils the fun" is code for doesn't add to traffic. An avitar needs to be in a location for about 2 min to add to traffic, any less and it doesn't show. They also like to think people are looking at their other stuff as well.

If laggy hunts are not your thing there is a pretty slick solution.

Its free to join, you pick the categories you like and free stuff gets sent to you daily.

11/5/09 1:47 PM  

ZOMG. I did the hunt. I will never pay for another hunt. 90% of the "prizes" were utter crap, and if I had seen that series of photos of the prizes BEFORE I did the hunt, I never would have paid.
One thing I think most designers have are kick ass computers. So they have no idea what it is like for those of us that don't. When you can stand there for 10 minutes waiting for one item to rezz. Let them experience that, and THEN complain about cheat sheets.
I don't do hunts anymore, and I took a chance on this one, thinking, Hey, if they are asking us to pay, this will be good stuff, right? Wrong.
Look at the pictures of the prizes.

I also thought, I am paying for this hunt, they will make it easier than your normal hunt, right? Because I already paid for the priviledge of doing the damn thing. Again, WRONG. I could not BELIEVE where Boom hid their key.

Thank goodness for the few that did put out quality items. If I were them though, I would be embarassed to have been associated with this hunt. And now with Kenzie.

11/5/09 1:49 PM  

SOLUTION; Turn off your computers, and have a Popsicle.

PEOPLE organize hunts.
PEOPLE fail at organizing hunts.
PEOPLE participate.
PEOPLE don't.
PEOPLE make coords.
PEOPLE pass them around.
PEOPLE like it.
PEOPLE hate it.
PEOPLE do whatever PEOPLE want.

At the end of the day, when you PEOPLE log off your computers (Well we know a lot of your don't...), PEOPLE still paid for, participated in, finished, tried, gave up on, "cheated through" or "honestly" did the hunt, PEOPLE still got traffic in their stores, no matter how bogus their goods are or not, PEOPLE still didn't give a rats bum, or stalked websites for juicy chatter, PEOPLE still invested too much time in their Second Lives... Ohsnap.

So uh, hey PEOPLE, what's the issues? Go get some sun.

/me gives Ding & homies Popsicle.

11/5/09 2:06 PM  

I was not going to post about this, but I think it's so effing funny.

Ding, love your blog! Keep up the work guys.

And I was thinking about joining that hunt - but I'm really curious about where the money is going - so until then, I shall be keeping my L's.

So stop hating! C'mon, where is the love?!

11/5/09 2:16 PM  

Personally I need the hunt lists that Ding provides because I suck at finding things. Sometimes the lists aren't accurate, but it gets you looking. I think organizers should let people make hunt lists. It gets more people involved, who otherwise wouldn't. I don't see giving coords that much of a big deal. If people are so worried about cheat sheets being made, give designers to the ability to move their item, but it must be communicated to the rest of the general public otherwise people are going to get pissed, like i did with the egg hunt and was banned from a store because I asked, well rudely asked, how they could move the eggs. Also I think that since the organizer had to get out hints to the location, she shouldn't complain that there are cheat sheets out there because she posted one herself, which begs the question why they made it so hard and forced people to pay.

Thank to the ann. poster before me for showing the link to the stuff in the hunt and found that there is very little that I would want to get in the hunt, much less pay 200L$ for all of it. And the stuff that I would keep is stuff that I can live without. I believe that if you are going to pay for a hunt, all prizes need to be up for viewing, so that way people can figure out what their 200L$ is going to. I was expecting very good quality with many stores being "big names." Most of those stores I have never heard of in the first place.

I don't know what Kenzie's store is, but I shall look it up and question if I should buy anything from her.

11/5/09 2:17 PM  

@Roblem: Thanks for the clarification. I just hadn't seen the beneficiaries of the L$200 actually written down anywhere.

11/5/09 2:19 PM  

as an ex part of the hunt i dont know either where the money goes, only thing i can say is that the designers are supposed to be paied but how much it will be... good question... next one D:

n as i said before, if cns and luck inc havent left the hunt cuz of kenzie telling ck's stuff is low wuality and not worth 200 linden, you hunter would've gotten stuff more worth then 200 L. so go and say thanks to kenzie =/

11/5/09 2:46 PM  

Well ty Ding i never did the hunt , never would pay for a hunt. But i will certainly remember Kenzie Corleone...and not in a good way. Just like others i won't buy anything from here and every person i come accross i will tell them not buy her things. Ding helps so many people with this blog. Continue being awesome Ding...and also, haters never prosper either Kenzie

11/5/09 2:47 PM  

LOL ... what a kindergarden ...

11/5/09 2:49 PM  

Ding, I love your blog and I love your work! Don't think about loser's!
I hate bans Inworld so everyone who's owner of land who use banline is for me a stupid person!
All what you've posted I've found and I was never disappointed of your blog. So I'm your biggest fan!
BR, Chrissi

11/5/09 3:19 PM  

This is so sad...

Reading such negative comments about designers when they spend a lot of their time providing us some stuff here and there, reading "crap" for things they have done just for us?
Come on, girls, stop being so rude, because you're acting like spoiled little girlies aged no more than 4 or 5.

I did the hunt, and I had the cheat sheet ("just in case"), but I only had to follow the hints given on the official blog, and they were quite easy to follow, even if my connection was awfully slow today.
Hell it was just FUN, just visiting new shops, and then trying on some new stuff, or thinking about "inventory-sorting-when-you-get-back-home", and only for that would I pay 200L$ (woah, not even 0.60 euro), even if there was just one prize at the end and I would throw it away because it wouldn't adjust my avatar.

This is what it's all about, FUN.
Now a lot of people here spoil that fun, and I can only hope they like to make drama, because this is a huge slice of it.

Think about having fun, okay?

Now my 1 cent on it (euro-cent, that is ^^), is that nobody should have provided a cheat sheet because the hints on the blog were sufficient to help us all and the rules were set.
But because someone has doesn't mean that the fun is spoilt, hell, some people like to have easy stuff, that's how it goes now all over the world.
They're not cheaters, nor people who would suck your blood AND your freebies if they could, they're just hasty little pixellized people, harmless as they are...

Now have a popsicle, and go have some fun... life's too short, even in SL :)

11/5/09 3:34 PM  

Wow, what a clusterfuck. This is why I'm barely in SL. Too much drama bs all the time, makes one tired. Ok, so she did a nono. What can you all do about it now? Its been done. Calling names helps things? Insulting is fixing the problem? You pointed out that she was in the wrong a dozen times now. Great! Neet-o. Move on with your lives now knowing you helped by calling names and insulting someone who claims they just messed up. Maybe we should lynch her! Bah

11/5/09 3:37 PM  

I love your blog!

Lavinia Yiyuan

11/5/09 3:40 PM  

Btw, I did pay for the hunt, and I did not use cheats. I highly regret paying now simply because the person running has proven in here to be kind of O.o

I thought paying for a hunt seemed asinine, I just really wanted some of the hunt goodies. I thought it was kind of lame that some of the prizes took me an hour to find. I didn't know about the group then. I paid for the damn thing, I should be able to find them, right?

11/5/09 3:49 PM  

Ok Ding you did a favor with free publicity for a bad hunt...keep going girl and never mind what ever they say, its their lost not your! bad manners dont help any designer...all designers has to know that the hunts helps to promote the store and usually when one goes to a hunt finish buying a lot of
stuff having or not the coordenates. So wrong movement being rude with the free publicity.

11/5/09 3:57 PM  

So wait... you have to PAY for this hunt, yet you can't get the cords for the items.. now that's just bs! Days of our SL up in this bish. This is the best freebie blog out there, forget about the haters and keep posting!!!

11/5/09 4:02 PM  

*This is not a pro or anti Ding comment*

There I gave my warning :P

I just wanted to give all the people calling everything in the hunt a swift kick in the ass because it sure was not. So many of the items were really nice and even one good hair or skin from the hunt is WELL worth 200L.

Quit fighting and whining and attacking each other and grow the fuck up.

11/5/09 4:07 PM  

No this is not cool on Ding's side, seriously! There was/ is a lot of work involved to organize a hunt like this, and it was made clear in their group NOT to post the locations or cheat sheets.

200L is nothing - I mean NOTHING to pay for a load of quality items. Which gives each designer what, a mere 4L?!
I don't know Kenzie, but I know one thing, that woman has worked her ass off, to organize that hunt.
And then some spoiled bitches and fan girl'ng bitches, all jump on the band wagon to Ding's defense. You are all a epic fail sisters!

And this is exactly WHY some designers may want to ban freebies, because of greedy ass bitches like yourself.

If you don't have 200L to spend and do a fair hunt, Missus Ding, then just kindly STFU and continue making badly textured flats, which I wouldn't want for free. Just saying!

And trust me, I spend thousands a day in world on clothes.
If you would be a " real designer, Ding - then you would understand the frustration of the participants of designers to re-organize these items.
But you aren't, you are just some little girl who happend to made some silly flats and lets talk in a years time... you wont be selling shit but perhaps some pixel ass. If that...
Seriously just go and delete yourself, you made an total jackass out of yourself.
I hope all of the named designers and their friends will ban you and your fangirl posse from all their sims!

Noor Loam~

11/5/09 4:07 PM  

calling everything in the hunt crap*

11/5/09 4:08 PM  



BAD, BAD, AND no one said...

10 dollar for a long hunt????


now, that being said...


(of course designer coals!)

ok, i'm off now you all be good!

xoxo, caLLie

p.s. it's good you apologized ding, and i hope you and kenzie sort this out, you could end up being best friends, try to it out, if we wan't world peace we won't ever get it if we can't get SL peace, right?


11/5/09 4:20 PM  

I want the 2 hours of my life I just wasted on this hunt back more then my 200L! Give it back to me!!!! LOL Seriously, who the hell declare all this trash as "high quality"?

11/5/09 4:52 PM  

Epic fail sisters? How old are some of these people? I'm 19 and I don't talk like that. It's like middle school again, except lamer.

11/5/09 4:53 PM  

Wow....just wow.

Are we in high school? Seems so with all this bashing and I wont buy from you bull. Look it's getting really sick when A person like myself who enjoys to read blogs for the fashion finds, the interesting places, the random w.e's to find this. DRAMA. PISS AND MOAN. OMG the end of the world stuff.

Look honestly Ding gave out some spots, w.e You know how many people i saw during the hunt SCREAMING the key spots out? I can say about five different people shouted out where keys where, even in tough to find spots. Tear at those people not at someone who is just trying to help.

as for the whole i wont buy your crap thing, wow REALLY? really guys and gals we are going to suddenly become so immature that this is the kindergarten when someone wouldn't share their crayons and you say OHm I am not playing with you anymore! Kenzie yes could have been more polite, but take into consideration the hard work it is to get together a big 50 something designers, to make sure they have their things, make sure they have keys hidden, make sure everything goes over smoothly. So i can understand why she might be a tad bit erked. Now sure she could have said politely "hey could you maybe take out those coordinates?" sure she could have and Ding also could have said no sorry.

To sit here and say oh I am with her, or her is really sad. I feel bad for the people who are out there just you know what HAVING A GOOD TIME. WHO CARES IF YOU HAVE A CHEAT, you paid the money! YOu got your gifts. BE HAPPY.

too BOTH Kenzie and Ding. Ding I love your site and i read on a constant level! Although I do believe the fact that you posted this makes it seem you want all this drama anyways. Kenzie I don't shop much at your store anyways I did the hunt I used your hints, it worked out fine. But honestly don't toss around your attitude to prove a point, you don't need to ban someone because they HAD no IDEA about certain things, like posting coords into their blog. If you can't deal with this then don't do hunts, because this HAPPENS, thinking you are going to stop every hunt cheater out their is like thinking you are super girl. Your not no one is.

take a chill pill and take a look outside, it's just pixel items, on a Pixel AV. real sad when everyone can't think of anything better to do then to straight up flame and blast each other on a blog.

11/5/09 5:00 PM  

I did the Keys hunt and thoroughly enjoyed it. Was every item to my taste? NO. But the price was well worth it for the Atomic skin and the Mudhoney trunk alone, and I'll gladly pay for the next buy-in event coming up in June.

The rules were stated in the notecard as well as on the event site. No cheating. And like it or not, giving out coordinates is a bit of a cheat. The hints that were posted were more than helpful, and even added to the fun. It is the organizer's prerogative to post those hints.

But to the drama. First off, we have no idea if what Ding posted is the entire conversation or not. We will never know. This is why posting IMs is always against the rules of any social site. I'm not saying it wasn't the entire conversation in complete context, I am just saying we don't know.

Second, it's kind of dishonest for Ding to pass around the coordinates for a hunt that she has been critical of because of it's buy-in angle. That's fine. But why would you knock an event, then encourage people to do it buy sending out the cheat list? Sure, people can choose to do it or not, but if you feel that strongly about it, tell them they will have to find the list elsewhere because you have issues with paying for a hunt. I'm sure people will understand and respect your position.

Lastly. The only reason this drama is here now is because Ding publicized it. An adult would have just let it go, instead of making a bold font post with an alleged conversation in order to rally the troops and feel justified. Once again, just like junior high, "OMG, you won't believe what so-and-so said to me!" And all the girlfriends get outraged and before you know it, we've got a war. This just amazes me, over and over.

And to be fair, Kenzie could have let it go too, rather than join in the comments.

Of course, so could I, and I will probably wish I had as soon as I hit Publish.

11/5/09 5:34 PM  

*yawns* wow what a drama about something that is passed around in sl a hundred times.

I never was in the Key hunt group, but I know, that if you want a cheat-sheet you get it anyway.

To be honest, I liked many of the shops in the Hunt, but i joined cause I saw Luck Inc and CnS are in it (oh hey i even bought my keys at Luck Inc and got the hunt outfit).

There are soooooo many hunts out there, and some of you here get pissed about some landmarks posted......hellos?
Will the designers of such hunts from now on check every blog ( we all know how many are out there) and start discussions like that if there are links ?

Be happy you get traffic, maybe new customers, and if you're not: DON'T JOIN HUNTS.
It's as simple as that.

BTW love the blog and you guys do great work here <3

11/5/09 5:50 PM  


As for you nasty bitches with coke bottles up your asses, suck it and spit it!

11/5/09 6:00 PM  

Really, I can hardly believe everyone thinks they wasted 200l and did not keep the good shit like Atomic's skin, Stuff's dress, Heart and Sole's sandals, Magika hair... just for starters.

Sure not everything was good (steampunk nightgown) but I feel like if you kept more than 2 things, you probably got your 200l. I don't know why people expected to love EVERYTHING. There will always be a store you don't like or are not interested in. I have no use for furniture stores but I expect them in every hunt.

Yes some keys were over the top hidden (I do think Boom did a disservice, though I liked their prize) but at least there were foolproof hints on the blog. That's more than we get from recent hunts like Twisted (designers moving boxes 5 times a day), Bunny Hop (300 locations or so?), Discovery (500 fucking locations). Honestly, I think this hunt had it good... a miniscule 50 locations, plus hints and group help. I'll take that any day.

11/5/09 6:28 PM  

It's the internet, omg. Get a life instead of playing some virtual game!!

11/5/09 6:37 PM  

My opinion on the entire matter, shit stirrers et al -

(yes I know it's spelt wrong, intentional, badger badger badger just couldn't say it all for me...)

11/5/09 6:44 PM  

GO DING! hahah

11/5/09 7:19 PM  

BTW.......I realised, why is everyone bitching at Ding for circulating some SLURLS as she usually does, when the rug from Self Expressions contains stolen full perm anims from Johan Durant (Who clearly states he doesnt sell full perm) and Parallain (sp) Gullwig.....

Didn't Kenzie's super awesome rules include something with regards to those circulating stolen goods??

Nom nom food for thought....

11/5/09 7:21 PM  

This was ridiculous to begin with, but it totally got out of hand when people started insulting and going as low as I've ever seen on SL. So what if someone doesn't want to spend their 75c on you - you still don't have the right to come here and and hide behind anonymity to call them an ass!, it also doesn't give you the right to insult us by not appreciating our 75c. 75c adds up, that's what people were trying to prove.

I also completely understand anybody who will refuse to buy Kenzie and Kenzie's people products. If Kenzie reacts like this for something so little, and treats some designers and bloggers so stupidly, then I wonder how she'd deal with a serious complaint from lil old me. I also think she showed how rude she and her gang really can really be with all their posts here. I don't want to make people like Kenzie and Rob prosper, do you?!

I did the hunt and I liked some of the items, but the point is - you can get items of equal or superior quality in other hunts and not have to pay for it. Perhaps they'll be more spread out, but with the help of bloggers like Ding and Wrenja (I'm going to start reading your blog now too), you'll be able to sort through what you don't want. ;) If I didn't have cheats, I would have given up because of all the lag and I would have thought my 75c were a waste of good gum.

11/5/09 7:24 PM  

This is what happens when unprofessional people think they can run a business.

Name calling? Seriously? The grown-ups are laughing at you.

Being able to create content for Second Life doesn't mean you'll be able to quit your day job. Get your head out of the clouds.

Using free samples as a marketing tool will never go away because it works. Both in Second Life and the real one.

11/5/09 7:53 PM  

wow... Hey kids and cheerleaders, now you all have to learn from this. If there was a rule says "you can't cheat", you can't cheat. If you break the local rules, you'll get banned. And If you go against the Linden's rules... you lose your account.

"Sharing or posting a conversation inworld or in the Second Life Forums without consent of all involved Residents is a violation of the Terms of Service."

Ding, delete this post with these comments. I don't like what you did but it's over.

11/5/09 9:58 PM  

Here's my 75 cents...
Some content creators on SL can be really rude and you wouldn't get/put up with the same kind of treatment from people with RL businesses.

Rules are meant to be broken, and if you get caught, you get banned. Fair enough! But was this that big of a deal? Enough to come here and insult people, calling them ass this ass that, honestly guys, you're just giving Kenzie and her crew a really bad name.

Rob, I'm glad you don't appreciate my 75cents. I spent a lot of dollars on Retox in the past, but I'll make sure I'll give my money to someone who values it.

11/5/09 10:13 PM  

I love how it became "OH HAY DING IS IN TROUBLE."

Guess what cookies?
Ding respectfully hid the identity of the person in which she posted a conversation of. That voids the fact that she posted any conversation to begin with, AND Kenzie hasn't ONCE stated "I didn't let you say this, take it down." Now that I have stated this, she really can't without sounding like a bitch, so, guess what. Ding is in the clear.

If you guys want to point fingers about SL legality, go read Okrebecca's stupid fucking blog, and all the shit shit posts that by TOS she shouldn't. Fucking whiners.

11/5/09 10:56 PM  

who is callie cline? what does she sell?
ah don't matter, she is annoying as fuck and I will make sure not to ever step a foot into her store, just for being a damn brown noser on here.

and ding dong, you're a low life loser for using your freebie blog to bash someone. please go away.

11/5/09 11:02 PM  

Resident profile is a violation of that Resident's privacy. Remotely monitoring conversations, posting conversation logs, or sharing conversation logs without consent are all prohibited IN SECOND LIFE AND ON THE SECOND LIFE FORUMS .

11/5/09 11:02 PM  


11/5/09 11:03 PM  

Moron - you can post all IM convos on a 3rd party medium.
Ding is in the wrong and I hope there will be a SCD bash secret about her dumb ass. LOL for that one Ding?

11/5/09 11:05 PM  

oh for god's sake, Kenzie, "Cheaters don't prosper?" The purpose of a hunt is to generate good feelings among customers and get them to try products, hoping they will like them and come back to buy. Cheating on WHAT? Picking up some pixel products to see if you want to frequent that creator? Unlike you, Kenzie, some of us actually have a real life and other things to do than spend DAYS chasing pixels. What are you, 16? You sure are no business person.

11/5/09 11:33 PM  


185 comments including The Callie Cline Show (kidding, Callie, I love your stuff) and a bunch of popsicle-eating mystery commenters who are too skeered to use their real names!

(Maybe because we're livin' in these ban-crazy, mutin'-tootin' times!)

I think Ding should delete all Anonymous comments and only allow the brave and courageous real names to post here.

If I log on tomorrow and the comments have passed 200, I'm making POPCORN FIRST. Good times, y'all!

*does the drama-llama dance all around the d-list headquarters*

We really do all need to go outside and get some sun though. I'll agree with that comment.

*hi5, Eliza!*

11/5/09 11:42 PM  

I have read all the comments and I don't see why there's such a big fight over a simple hunt. SL it's a game, and adults game but similar to a kid playing with a toy trunk on his sandbox, I don't see why you waste your energy on this negative wave of messages... wasn't mother's day yesterday? Didn't you leave the game for a couple of hours and enjoyed your RL life with your families and forgot about the 200 fee hunt and the coordinates and all those stuff? Since when SL became a place to develope ill manners? Don't tell me that they worked hard on making the hunt because they made the choice to sit in front on their computers while enjoying it to make money to buy SL stuffs for themselves (like land, houses, skins, etc) or for charity, working hard for me it's writing a 400 pages book over and over or staying on your feet all day while trying hard to make money to feed your kids... thats work and SL it's a plain game were you're dressing your avatar for fun, so stop being so rude please and analize what you're saying and think not as a SL player but as a mature person and ask yourself "is it worthy?" because for me it's not and worse it's kind of foolish., for me the game it's a part of my life but my life it's not the game... think about it.

11/5/09 11:43 PM  

*hugs Bianca*

Amen, sister.

11/5/09 11:56 PM  

Word Bianca! You totally rock!!

In RL we deal with nice people and with rude people and we think about it for maybe 60 seconds and move on to the next task. I prefer to focus on the positive and toss the rude to the gutter. It's all your choice.

12/5/09 1:09 AM  

oh wow, hunt drama???
same shit, different day, different target.
keep on keeping on miss fotherington <3

12/5/09 1:27 AM  

I'm sorry, maybe i'm going off of the boil. but cheating is a little crappy, when people bother to make something AND hide it pretty easily...yes it is a way to 'show and display' a sort of sample of their work, but it still took them time to make it be it to your taste or not. for people to tp on top of it, and leave with 2 seconds. its nice to think people actually browse the store a little aswell, not necessarily to just hopefully make some money, but for people to actually see the stuff, that they might be getting in the prize. i for one know when i go into a store and see what they are selling can think to myself 'i will like this' or 'i won't like this' referring to the gift. so when people say 'omg so much shit' well did u even look at the stores?

also.. in reference to it costing 200 lindens, some people are bitching and bitching, you knew it was 200 lindens before taking part, there have been previews of the gifts before it started. there has been 100s of hunts costing nothing over the last couple of months, so if you felt the need to do YET another hunt and to shell out a tiny amount of money, then that was your choice. so stop whinging like babies and get over it. grow up, and start showing a little apprectiation. so many people complain about freebies been given, why not just start buying shit to your liking.

12/5/09 1:31 AM  

oops, forgot to add. no i'm not taking sides, i could say good and bad points on both. i have my own opinion, as stated above, im not into joining up in a 'gangs of blog abuse' spam.

12/5/09 1:38 AM  

Didn't you do just that, lolo? or just because it's yours, it isn't spam?

12/5/09 1:52 AM  

good point elsa. . . dot dot dot.

was actually meaning the people who are throwing pointless comments back n forth to eachother dragging it close to 200 posts. but thankyou for picking up one little comment and twisting it to try look clever as apposed to trying to see my point.

12/5/09 1:59 AM  

ooo, you just did it again dot dot dot
:) don't go back and forth with me too now! have a good day lolo!

12/5/09 2:20 AM  

After wandering around a store for over 30 mins...along with some others, I sure would have appreciated the coordinates by now!!!! This is why people use HUDs or cheat sheets. With so many stores in hunts these days (500+ in the Discovery Hunt alone), who has all this time to spend wandering around and going insane searching cos people decide to make things tiny and hide them in impossible places.

I agree with the person above who said delete all the anons. If you don't have the balls to stand up and abuse people as yourself, then all I can say is "quiet in the cheap seats".

12/5/09 2:29 AM  

This comment has been removed by the author.

12/5/09 3:13 AM  

what was up with those shoes that were feet too? oh my GOD.

i just finished the hunt and i actually liked over half the stuff i got. some people were VERY generous and some people put really ugly stuff in, sorry but that asian dress was like something sophia from the golden girls would have worn, should have come with a grey curly short wig.

i used a hud. didn't say i couldn't. big f'ing deal about the coords. the organizer is obviously a control freak who has to have everything the way she wants it and has to make sure the participants are all in line.

she should have veto'd some of those places though and replaced them with better ones. peacock dress? and that purple suit? gah. that was noob territory.

12/5/09 3:54 AM  

Hellooooo people.....stolen content in "prize"...vs...SLURLS.......Bigger picture??

12/5/09 7:35 AM  

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