This is Vent in Fawn.

This is a Fawn is a new store by OMGWTF Barbecue. Although its a pretty small place, the store has some interesting designs (like the phonics tees) for everyone and some dresses/skirts for the girls that you might want to have a look.

Vent-this is fawn
Tees: This is a Fawn-Phonics Tee (unisex, buy individually from A-Z)

This is a fawn
Top: This is a Fawn - Faux Bois Tee Ad (unisex)

this is fawn
Skirts: This is a Fawn-Hound Skirt (also in other colors)

hax dress
Dresses: This is a Fawn-Hax Dress (also in white, and a RFL version)

Happy Shopping!


She's a pretty hot DJ at that!

13/5/09 8:20 PM  

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