More stuff to get!!

Parallel Love has a lucky board that changes every 10 mins with two really cute summer dresses. Thanks Lu for tping me! Speaking of which, Lu is the owner of @Waffles! and the designer to the hair which I am wearing in the pics. There's also a dollarbie in her store, so remember to check the store out!

parallel love
From Left to Right:
Hair: @Waffles! Alice Practice (cream)
Dress: PARALLEL LOVE LB Gift Vo.4 (Lucky Chair)

Hair: @Waffles! Lulu (cream)
Dress: PARALLEL LOVE LB Gift Vo.5 (Lucky Chair)

This pretty skybox that I am sitting in is a subscribo gift from a new prefab store called La Flat, offering you low prims contemporary build at a affordable price! Thanks Page for telling me about your store!

Skybox-Rainy Day
Skybox: La Flat: The Fenna Rainy Day Skybox (subscribo gift)


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