Royal Blue

New Royal Blue awesomeness will be in stores in three days time! Filled with bows and flowers and poofs, the pieces in this new collection will certainly leave you beg for more!

royal blue
Bow: (Royal Blue) Bowtasam in Princess and the Pea

royal blue
Skirt: (Royal Blue) Subversive Bows in Ultra Voilet
(Royal Blue) Garter Socks in Nior

royal blue
From left to right:
(Royal Blue) Two Colours a Leg Leggins Monochrome Pack

(Royal Blue) Love Stone Pendent Onyx and Gold
(Royal Blue) Spring Bum in Romance

All these, coming to you this Wednesday, at Royal Blue!


I adore Royal Blue. Such a lovely post! <3

12/5/09 5:49 AM  

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