Deviance is giving away a cute bunny outfit which might be handy for some kinky occasion for a limited time. Have you been to Foam already? Their new wigs are yummy!!! If you haven't heard of this, Lost Angel has opened a new sim and has some new stuff out, the chair that I am sitting on is part of their new line. Check all these out!!

Outfit: * Deviance Gift* Bunny Costume 2.0-Spring Green (0L, limited time)
Hair: Foam-The Drifter-Brown A (250L)
Chair: [LA] Puff Silver (not free)

I saw this bag over at Ryoko's blog and love it. When I was at Chabinns, I met the owner of the store and she gave me the backpack!! Thanks Robinn! The backpack come in several designs (and every design are scriptable with more designs) and sizes to cater different AVs, and there's a special size for tinies at a cheaper price too! Must have!! Also at Chabinns, you could get some pixel snacks for free, find them near the entrance outside the store!!

Backpack: CHABINNS HS-BackPack (250L, 100L for tinies version)

Have fun shopping!


I freaking love the puffy chair! I think I bought their entire store empty. Good find :)

17/5/09 3:55 AM  

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