Rahz Hunt is ON!!

[UPDATE]: If you haven't know, Digit Darkes weekend hunt is on! The 100L item is the Dinka Dress-Winter (98/84/302), and the 1L item is the Dahlia Top-Fairy Dew (99/99/302)

Location: here.

15 boxes to be found, not hidden very well, but somehow not too easy; and since it's not numbered, it's not easy to explain to people what you are lacking. I only managed to find 14 of them, couldn't find the one last one. What I heard from a girl who found all 15 is that the one I am missing is a repetitive one (like the blue dress shown). Here are the coordinates:

Rahz Hunt

Rahz Hunt

Rahz Hunt

IMO, Don't get everything, just grab the ones that you like and go !


The last one is not a box ..touch the painel on entrance of store, where talk about the hunting, inside is animation and bags

Hugs ^^

31/8/08 10:05 PM  

Thanks Kyra!

31/8/08 10:36 PM  

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