Are you still investigating?

Hello Hello! Remember I told you about the SURPRISE ULTIMATE GIFT that you get at the end of the Trey Dope Hunt? If you were like me waiting who got everything earlier and waited for them to fix the system, you have to to pick up three updated 1.1 v items: The bottle of medcine, Lotta Family picture, and the herb, in order to get the last gift.

After you are picked up those three things, you might want to go back to the DP store and look for the one last thing, a TP to the rezzing center. Hints: It's somewhere in DP up on the ceiling. The gifts are worth all the hassle, you get three items, each from a designer in Trey Dope. Here they are!!

Necklace: LOTTA: Coin Necklace
Shoes: **THECLOSET**:RibbonPumps
Top: Muism's Lucky Chair: Black Satin Ruffle Top

Outfit:*DPS: Shantung Silk Wedding Gown


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