[UPDATE:] Me and Vent got stuck at Poe's store and can't TP home nor anywhere at the moment. Great, we are now going to feed on strawberries till further notice.


As some of you should know by now, I still can't TP to the CandyNail hunt yet. And I am pissed. It was like "Oh, that's okay, I will go later!" to " DAMN IT! WHEN CAN I FARKING GET IN?" in a span of 4 hours or so. Anyway, instead of feeling helpless and not productive, here's a dollarbie alert! Poe Tatum of Skank R Us is giving away 5 cute colorful skirts for a linden each. Grab them here, and wear them with a tank and a playful hair and you shall be blessed by the rainbow fairies of SL with a happy and joyful day ahead!

(I so need that right now, damnit damnit damnit. *frowns* I believe the rainbow fairies are part of LL's staffs.)

SRU skirts
Skirts: Skank R Us: Skull Skirt (1L each)


Dont hold your breath. I been hunting for about an hour now and have yet to find one. Not many others having much luck either. Not sure what the deal is. But good luck anyway!

5/9/08 6:06 PM  

YOu are in luck, because Kyra passed me the cheat sheet and I am posting up soon!

5/9/08 7:16 PM  

I told you to tp into the sim adjacent to Candynail and walk up against the simline until you get in! So much easier that way than trying to tp and you'll get priority over the tpers. ;)

And yeah, it's a difficult hunt that's for sure. I spent 2 hours there and found 4 of them before giving up this morning and heading to bed. ;)

5/9/08 9:21 PM  

lol, the problem with this afternoon sorrowburn, was that SL totally doesn't allow any of us to tp ANYWHERE! lol but yeah, I did what you say and get into the sim eventually.

5/9/08 9:37 PM  

Awesome Dint. It must be my lucky day indeed. Keep up with the fantastic work!

6/9/08 10:26 AM  

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