Investigation at Trey Dope.

Not posting coordinates for the hunts, but hints will be given. If you seriously couldn't find it or plainly lazy to do it, feel free to IM me, I will try my best to help you with the hunt.

Early this morning, I received a group gift along with a trey dope hunt package. The folder includes a very cute dress from DP (Join Trey Dope group and check notices to get it), and also some instructions on the hunt. You can get the hud (very important. a must have!) in from the hunt package, you can get it from the landing point too.

-------How to play-------

1 Go and get a diary from Dr.Mitsumori in the group notice or at the landing point.
2 Wear the HUD diary and go from the first point to the last point by solving the riddles and reading the letters.
3 The HUD will add numbers you get.
4 There is a wonderful gift for people who get all the numbers.
5 In addition, numbers and items that you pick up and collect have an important role.
6 Please make sure you get all the numbers in numerical order.

-------RULES and HINTS to have fun-------

・You should wear the thing which you get on the way each time.
・If you can't wear the HUD or it is hard to see the textures of the HUD, please read text of notecards.
・Please change your environment setting at a "Midnight"
[ World <>

We hope you can enjoy our quest !

Anyway, I changed into the dress, and found my way there. I was totally clueless on what I am looking for, so I looked up and down, everywhere.


Until I met Gala Giha and she lead the way. Thanks Gala, I would be totally lost without you. Hints: The 2nd and 3rd letters could be found in The Closet store. Read the letters carefully. The hints are there.


You get gifts as you pick up the letters, but the ultimate gift will only be given out when you get all 7 of them. Hints: Letter 4 is in Lotta, and Letter 5 is on the way to the ship. Again, read the letters carefully. The hints are there.


Hint: Letter 6 is in the DP store. Then I wondered where was Letter 7?


The Corpse outfit from The Closet shown above is something you can get along the way. Hint: Last letter is located at a pink lavenderish flower field near the DP store.


We were zombified after all we collected all the letters (You get the zombie AO as you pick up the letters). We are still waiting for them to fix the system so we can get our surprise ultimate great gift!

It's a really interesting and unusual hunt if you like solving mysteries. Since the creators of the hunt put so much effort into this unusual event, I should just let you guys do it yourself. Have fun investigating!


Wow, sounds cool. Cant wait to check it out. Thanks for posting the hints!

6/9/08 10:28 AM  

:-))) GooooDD post!!!! congrats!!!

Very, very nice pics!

Kiss Ding!..

6/9/08 11:22 AM  

Sorry I didn´t say hi to you i Dp today, I was having some little problems...I couldn´t move and I didnt see anything...hahaha

6/9/08 12:04 PM  

Vanity: Have fun!

G: Thank you so much for helping out.

Ju: Hey there, that's okay, it's nice to finally meet you!

7/9/08 1:23 AM  

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