Muism's Magic Chair

Muism renovated it's store and now they installed a 'Magic Chair' in front of the stores. The chair consists of three items and switched randomly, and be prepared to wait for your alphabet, as it's doomed to loop around, X, Q and Z. These tops are what we got after a whole afternoon's wait. I can assure you, it's worth the wait. : ) The hair that Ding is wearing is part of a group appreciation gift from HOH.

Muism lucky chair
Hair on Ding: HOH: Atonement - birch (group gift)
Tank:*Muism*: [Tie Dye Tank Top Wa-pattern] (lucky chair)
Shirt:*Muism* Stripe OS/Navy.Navy


Z came after agesss !! :(

5/9/08 10:05 AM  

Really? I saw Z like N times. Maybe it's just not your day. :P

5/9/08 11:32 PM  

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