Check in to Hotel Dare.

There's this spanking new place call Hotel Dare that screams ART all over the place in SL waiting to be discovered. Filled with artsy and unique little boutiques all over the place, it's a funky little sim filled with vibrant colors, put up by a couple of notable artist in SL.

Anyway, new sim = lots of freebies. :D So here are my loot taken in Hotel Dare (there are a whole lot more to grab and buy). You could get everything from the picture in the sim (except for hair and shoes).

hotel dare
Top: Crash: Tie: Long Women's
Bracelet: Diamonde: "Miabella" Bracelet
Bottom: Short celeste
Skin: Dare's Geishas skin in Pale by Mijn Boa

hotel dare
Hat: xxYOMESHOUJOxx: hat-*Viy*
Socks: Twosome*: dikkesokken-red

I don't know if they are offered for a limited time, so hurry down to Hotel Dare and have a stroll!


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