Aoharu's new item.

You have got to love Aoharu, when you thought you've already gotten your hands on the nice coats from the lucky chairs, they have replaced them with even better ones! And this time, Machang even added two pairs of free boots for girls for a limited time (now till 10/20) on top of the two new fab coats that you are getting from lucky chairs. : ) Good Luck!~

On Vent:
Coat: AOHARU:ModsCoat_Navy(Lucky Chair)
On Ding:
AOHARU: CheckShortTrenchCoat_Green(Lucky Chair)

From Left to Right:
Boots: AOHARU: NostalgiaKnitBoots:*HalloweenPumpkin* (Limited time freebie till 10/20)
Boots: AOHARU: NostalgiaKnitBoots_*HalloweenWitch* (Limited time freebie till 10/20)

There are a whole load of hunts going on right now (as usual), and thanks to Linda and Ephe, I have the ncs for Urban Shopper Hunt, Retrology Hunt, Wickford Village Freebie Hunt (lots of freebies along the way too),Perfect Prefabs Flower Hunt and ALB. If you need them, IM me or Vent to get it! Have fun!


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