Lemania and BomBon

Lemania Indigo sometimes just have the weirdest in a good way things that you can find in world, this costume for instance, is something I wouldn't have thought of and seen until I got it myself. Touch the subscribo board in stores and get this outfit in store for 1L.

LID algae
Costume: [LI] Alien Algae Box - 10/17/08 (1L, join Lemania Indigo subscribo and get it here.)

Totally irrelevant to the costume above, I found these top and dress in Bombon when I was in Albero (there's a hunt there, haven't started though) They are pink and adorable and just 1L each, good for your cutesy clothes folder.

bon bon
From Left to Right:
Top: BomBon:Ojyou dress/pink* (1L)
BomBon: Tokoro no E/tee* (1L)

Yay! It's Friday! Have fun!~


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