Tuli has given out two skins (with cobwebs options) to her group members! Pay 250L to join Tuli Group and check notices to get them. This group is one of the groups which is worth paying to join.

Skins: Tuli: Halloween Group Gift (join Tuli Group and check notices to get)

Runo Runo has always been one of my favourite designers. The designs are always so simple yet chic and elegant and most of all, they are either free or very cheap. Here's Runo Runo's new stuff that you can get at the store:

Runo Runo
From Left to Right:
Dress:~*RunoRuno*~Hyperkinetic Dress White (50L, comes in 2 length options)
Dress: ~*RunoRuno*~ Silk Dress (50L, comes in 4 length options)
Outfit:~*RunoRuno*~ Black Sateen (0L)

More coming up, so stay tuned!!


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