What's your Minnu Moment?

Just a reminder, the Halloween Minnu Skins will be out for public on the 15th.

Lanai and Ephe finally decided to get the much raved about Minnu skins last night and both Vent and I were there to witness. All of us agreed to take a picture to document this glorious part of their SL (saving up hard to get these skin) so each of us struck a pose. It took us (me and Lanai especially) probably 20 minutes to look perfect. Luckily, there weren't any passer bys at that hour as we look really funny; however when we were about to take our snapshot, Adasyd of Ada Labs passed by.

minnu moment
Us @ Minnu

Adasyd Nino: what the heck?
Ephemeral Clowes: lololol
Venturino Benson: you see
Adasyd Nino: XD
Venturino Benson: people are laughing now
Ding: Adasyd we are live models
Adasyd Nino: Oh man
Adasyd Nino: I thought I was tripping balls.
Ding: special only for today
Lanai Lubitsch: ._.
Venturino Benson: someone please tp me out immediately

We didn't tped out immediately, instead, the hilarious Ada joined us for a chat and she started giving us more fun on top of what we had. She gave each of us some interesting Afro hair (which we later on dressed up in 60s) and a Lego head smiley face mask (you can probably get them at Ada Labs) which we think is so funny that we have to share it with all of you.

Us @ Minnu in Afro hair.

Us @ Minnu in Lego head smiley face masks

Some people saw and laughed and wth-ed but it really cracked us up big time by doing things like that in a high end store which's always packed with models and CEOs and A-listers.

And that was our Minnu moment. What's yours?


I love the silliness, it made me laugh! I also love the fact that you did it in Minnue. :D

13/10/08 2:59 PM  

That was INDEED a funny night! U should also have posted that pic Ada took from Ephs hitting Vent in his private parts! LOL!!! My head aches just to remember how much I laughed!!! We looked so damn pretty in those 60's! WE should definally make a band! XP ...
Next time we'll dress as Charlie's Angels! wutcha think? ahahahah!!!


13/10/08 3:24 PM  

Hahaha!! Gosh! It was one of the best hours I have in SL!! Thank God Ding didn't post that pic, Lanai >.< I hope Vent can still celebrate Father's day. LOLz! And miraculously, we aren't banned from there....yet....

14/10/08 6:38 AM  

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