Deals update!

I will be busy in RL starting from now till early November, so there will be few but long posts. So here's the sum up of today:

M&R Cupcakes is giving skins again, this time a set of 12! There is for sure a shade that you like! Told you 250L well worth. Join M&R Cupcakes group and check notices to get it.

Skin: M&R Cupcakes - BIRTHDAY SUIT SKIN #3 (Join M&R Cupcakes group and check notices)

Beauty Avatar is also giving away a new skin. This time a gory blood sucker skin.NICE. The shirt worn in this picture is a gift from Pig Shop, join I love Starlust group and check notices.

Skin:Beauty Avatar: Nemesis: Light - Halloween (1L)
Top: Pig Shop - Unisex Jacket - Old Man Blue J (Join
Starlust Group and check notices)

There is a cute witchy outfit which is a group gift of Lo Momo. You can join the group here, and get the outfit in store. The hair I am wearing here is Tekuteku's halloween hair which is only 10L. The hair kinda reminds me of the Wendy girl.

Hair: Tekuteku: Halloween hair 2008 (10L)
Outfit: : Lo Momo : Witch Outfit (Join Lo Momo group and get it here)

Last but not least there is this hunt going on at SexyCatz. This will end 31st of October so still plenty of time. 100 over skulls to be found, loads of great dresses and gowns in them (and some guy stuff too), you shouldn't miss this out! I have the nearly completed cheat sheet passed to me by Linda, if you are interested, IM me or Vent in world to get it. These are a few of the loot.



Gowns and Dresses: From SexyCatz hunt.

That's it for now, have a great night people and happy hunting!


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